Regional Educational Services

The Regional Educational Services (RES) division of the OUSL provides extensive support required by the Six Faculties of the university to conduct their academic programmes. There are nine(09) Regional Centres and nineteen (19) Study Centres spread throughout the country, all coming under the purview of this division.

HISTORY OF THE RES: The government of Sri Lanka, recognizing the need to ensure life-long learning and the right of every citizen to improve his/her life chances though access to higher education, established the Open University of Sri Lanka as a national single mode distance teaching university in 1980. The RES, with its far-flung network of offices, is committed to make this vision a reality. By expanding the reach of the OUSL through dedicated Centres, the RES brings life-long learning to a lot of Sri Lankans.

PRESENT SITUATION: RES is responsible for planning implementing and overseeing the Regional Education Services. There are nine(09) Regional Centres and nineteen (19) Study Centres situated island-wide. According to the policy of OUSL, one Regional Centre should be situated in a province and one Study Centre in every district. However, according to the demand of the courses and the availability of students, some districts contain more Centres.

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