Centre for Educational Technology & Media (CETMe)

“To be a Prime Centre in the application of Educational Technology through the exploitation of media with the aim of motivating and supporting learners to overcome barriers and enhance learning at a distance”.

“To achieve excellence in designing and developing instructional materials using multimedia and assuring quality in the university system”.

The Centre for Educational Technology and Media (CETMe) plays a pivotal role in the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) in providing guidelines for designing self-instructional materials, designing and developing educational media and ensuring quality standards of the OUSL course materials. It is the service provider for all the four faculties to develop their courses including online courses.

So far the centre has won 9 international awards for educational videos from Japan, Iran and UNDP.

The CETMe consists of two main units; Academic and Research Unit and Production Unit (Media House).

Academic and Research Unit
The Academic and Research Unit is responsible for the following:

  • formulating guidelines and mechanisms for course design and development (print, audio-visual and online)
  • conducting capacity building workshops for academic staff of the OUSL in writing self-instructional materials, designing and developing audio-visual and online courses
  • facilitating and assisting the development of course material (print, audio-visual and online)
  • administering and uploading of all online courses
  • copyediting of OUSL course materials and other OUSL publications
  • ensuring quality standards of the OUSL course material and
  • carrying out Open and Distance Learning (ODL) research

Production Unit (Media House)
The Production Unit (Media House) of the CETMe is equipped with a fully-fledged Digital Hi- Definition Television Studio, dubbing and audio studios, makeup rooms and a post-production unit. It also has an audio-visual library; collection of diverse video footage. The Graphic section of the CETMe is responsible for designing graphics and animations for both print and electronic media.

The CETMe also offers short courses on course writing, online course design and development, online e-mentoring and tutoring and film and television production. Currently, it offers a fully online course for medical practitioners on old age psychiatry.

It also hires the television studio and other facilities.

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