Mission Statement

“To facilitate the efficient administration of all examinations and examination related matters to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality”


The objectives of the Division are:

  • To efficiently administrate and control all examinations of OUSL
  • To ensure the academic standard administering of examinations conducted by OUSL
  • To maintain strict confidentiality and integrity in all examination arrangements.
  • To provide information about examination requirements for the public.
  • To serve to the public issuing certified statements of examination performance of students.
  • To provide speed service/support for the examination relate matters to the student.

Description of Division

Examinations Division provides various important student related services such as conducting final examinations for all the programmes of OUSL, Issuing Examination Results, Issuing Result Sheets, Academic Transcripts, Transcript of Academic Records, Degree Certificates and Conducting the General Convocation etc.

The Examinations Division has the responsibility for making arrangements for the administration of final examinations in all centers and for providing other services related to examinations.

The  following examinations are conducting by the OUSL.

Selection Tests, Grading Tests,  Practical Tests, Continuous Assessment Tests, Final Examinations.

Applying & Collecting the Result Sheets/Transcripts

  • Every Student needs to apply for the result sheets by handing over an application to the Examinations Division. Therefore please Click here to download the Application, fill it and hand it over to the Examinations division.
  • When you come to collect the result sheet, you should bring the Student Record Book.
  • Please note that Result sheet apply students are required to settle any dues to the university before claiming for the result sheet.

 Requesting Transcript of Academic Records to Post (TAR)

TAR shall contain information as to course considered for the award and the grades and marks obtained by the candidate. It shall be issued only after completion of a programme of study and shall be issued only to an external body and shall not be issued to the student.

  • If a student needs to post a Transcript of Academic Records student have to apply for the Transcript of Academic Records by handing over an application to the Examinations Division. Therefore please download the Application from the ‘Downloads’ menu, fill it and hand it over to the Examinations division.
  • When you are applying for a TAR, you need to attach a copy of your Result sheet/ Transcript along with the application.
  • TAR applicants are required to settle any dues they owe to the university
  • Charges for TAR is 500/=. The duplicate TAR may be issued on request and on payment of the prescribe fee.
  • If you need to courier it the currier charges should be paid as per the rates prescribe by courier service.

Any payment associate with the Academic Transcript should be paid to the university Shroff, which is open from 9:00 am. to 3.00 pm. on weekdays OR credit to the  University account number 174100170350215.

Collecting the Degree Certificate

When students come to collect the Degree Certificates, students should bring the following:

  • The Student Record Book
  • The Receipt received after returning the cloak
  • Students are required to settle any dues you own to the university.
  • If a student unable to come to collect the degree certificate, he/she can be requested to Registered Post.
  • The student should come in person to collect the Degree Certificate.

Certified Copies

To collect the certified copies of the degree certificate :

  • Students should bring the copies and the original degree certificate.(only 2 copies are certified at once)

Results Verification

This is a confidential service provided by the university. Contacting the university by telephone is not necessary.

Result verification will be forwarded within one weeks’ to relevant destination.

Any charges will not be applied.

Conducting Examination Overseas

A candidate who is temporarily domiciled in a foreign country may request to sit an examination overseas.

  • If student needs to sit the examination in overseas country he/she has to apply using Application for Overseas Examination. Therefore please Click here to download the Application, fill it and hand it over to the Examinations division
  • Student must apply for overseas examination at least 2 months prior to it.
  • Charges is $ 70/=.  Per paper.

Contact details:

Mrs. Sivashankari Dinesh
Assistant Registrar/Examination

The Open University of Sri Lanka
Examination Division
e-mail: arexam@ou.ac.lk
Tel #:0112881350

The Open University of Sri Lanka
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