Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC)-Engineering Tech


Faculty Quality Assuarance Cell (FQAC) of the faculty of Engineering Technology  was established to coordinate, monitor and facilitate Quality Assurance related activities of the Faculty. The Faculty Quality Assurance Cell consists of Chairman, one representative from each department and the Assistant Registrar of the Faculty.

Members of FQAC

Prof. Bandunee C.L. Athapattu (Chairperson)
Dr. P. N. Wickramanayake (Rep. /Dept. of Civil Engineering)
Dr. H.M.U.N. Herath (Rep. /Dept. of Agricultural  and Plantation Engineering)
Eng. W.D.S.S. Bandara  (Rep. /Dept. of Electrical  and Computer Engineering)
Dr. K.D.N. Kumari  (Rep. /Dept. of Mathematics and Philosophy of Engineering)
Dr. G.M.C.P. Jayawardhana (Dept. of Mathematics and Philosophy of Engineering
Eng. B.G.D.A. Madhusanka (Rep. /Dept. of Mechanical  Engineering)
Ms. H.A.C.M. Perera (Rep. /Dept. of Textile and Apparel Technology)
Mr. I.M.N.P. Ilangakoon (Training Engineer)
Mr. K.A.N.S Kasthurirathna (Training Engineer)
Mr. N. Udayakumar (Jaffna Regional Centre)
Mr. K. Amalan (Batticola Regional Centre)
Mr. Wijikumar Kularasasingam (Assistant Registrar of the Faculty)

Functions and Responsibilities of the FQAC

Functions and Responsibility of the FQAC


FQAC Annual Action Plan

Action Plan 2021

Action Plan 2020

Action Plan 2019

Action plan 2018



Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF) Manual – 2015 September

Manual for Undergraduate Study Programmes of Sri Lankan Universities and Higher Education Institutions- UGC December 2015

Manual for Recognition of Four Year Engineering Degrees Conducted in Sri Lanka (IESL) 2014

Manual for Review of Undergraduate Study Programmes of Sri Lankan Distance Higher Education Institutions (2019 October)



Documents to be in Dossier For a Particular Academic Year


Feedback forms

Student Feedback Form – Form – Industrial Training

Student feedback form – Overall Course evaluation

Student feedback form –Day schools

Student feedback form – Laboratory activities

Student feedback form – Student Projects

Academic – Peer Evaluation


Examination Paper Moderator forms

Moderator form – Final Examination

Revised Moderator  form (2020) – Final Examination

Moderator form – CAT examination


Final examination paper Cover page

Final Examination -Paper cover page


Course Templates developed by CETMe

Template for development of a User Guide

Template for Sessions

Template for Course material development

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