Career Guidance Unit


Our vision is to help undergraduates to be socially responsive, efficient members of the future work-force with necessary knowledge, skills and motivation to compete in the job market.


Career Guidance is dedicated to bridge the skill gap among OUSL students and to build well rounded individuals to meet the present day workforce requirements.


    • Enhancement of career development competencies of Open University students by organising career skill development workshops / seminars / personal career mentoring.
    • Counseling on career exploration & planning for prospective students.
    • Career Guidance / Counseling to all students from the first year onwards to focus on their future careers.
    • Counseling with regard to behavioral competencies.
    • To develop a database of online job training opportunities and job placement.
    • Organize career fairs to provide opportunities for prospective employers to meet undergraduates and graduated students.
    • Research to be conducted in assessing strengths and weaknesses of OUSL students who are employed with a view to increase their employability.
    • Facilitation of student welfare activities
    • A stand alone, Zero credit course to be introduced in view of creating a greater sense of professional responsibility, social responsiveness and ethical behavior among students.

About Us

The Career Guidance Unit intends to organize several activities in guiding students for gainful employment opportunities based on their abilities, desires and expectations. This is to be achieved by educating under-graduates with necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and motivation required by prospective employers both in the State and Private sector.
Facilitation of student welfare activities is another component of this unit. Hence students are welcome to channel their welfare activities through this unit to the respective forum in view of achieving optimum benefits out of available resources.

The following activities are lined up for you at the Career Guidance & Student Welfare Unit through out the year.

  • Counselling with regard to behavioral competencies
  • Counselling on career exploration and career planning.
  • Career skill development workshops/ seminars / personal career mentoring on..
  • CV writing.
  • Facing interviews & Aptitude tests.
  • Leadership and Effective communication skills.
  • Team work & Time Management.
  • Professional ethics & Interpersonal relationships.
  • On line job training opportunities & job placement.
  • Facilitation of Inter university Competitions

Phone: 0112881049
Location: CRC New Building, Ground Floor

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