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Located in a pristine environment facing beautiful Dumbara mountain surrounded by Mahaweli river in Polgolla, approximately 8 km from Kandy town, the OUSL Kandy Regional Centre campus has rationalized the trends of education giving you the freedom and flexibility to discover your passions and career achievements. Since the year 1982 we are devoted to excellence in service to the community and it is our principle that education should be accessible to all regardless of their background. We offer a wider range of Programmes: academic programmes from certificate to post graduate levels, sports facilities, cultural events, entertainment and many extended services and facilities for the students on the vision we were built on “ to be the Premier Open and Distance Learning Institution in Asia through excellence, efficiency and equity in lifelong learning.”

We are on a mission “to enhance access to high quality, affordable and relevant education through open distance education and ensure lifelong learning opportunities to face challenges in a knowledge society.”

Mr. Anushka Bandara ( Assistant Director ) 

Therefore we develop skilled, competent graduates with both national and international recognition to meet the current trends of the world. Our emphasis is on shaping your professional life while developing your competencies adding value to your life. We have fulfilled the dream of higher education of our youth population who miss the opportunity in the conventional universities and keep the door of education open to all. During last two decades the center has turned out a large number of Engineers, Lawyers, graduates in other disciplines such as Social Sciences, Management, Education etc. to the national productivity of the country and we have extensively contributed towards professional development and higher education of the Central province region. Our vibrant student body which is approximately 6,500 students comes from many social and cultural backgrounds. With the support of our well qualified academic staff and the administrative body the institute has achieved an immense success.

I invite you to join our team, discover our programmes that fit in with your wider long-term goals and succeed in a multidisciplinary study environment.

Anushka Bandara
Assistant Director.
Kandy Regional Center
The Open University of Sri Lanka.

The progammes of the OUSL are specially designed for adults particularly for those who are employed, and persons aged 18 and above to pursue further education through distance education mode. All our degrees reflect needs of future employers, making your career ready with up to date knowledge and recognized methods. The campus provides a combination of traditional classroom methodologies interspersed with multimedia and video presentations, video conferencing facility with other centers of the university, lecture theaters, new auditorium and exam hall, comfortable social spaces, easy access to transport and essential services operating later into the evening.


Our course guide


Presently there are five faculties offer programmes encouraging independent learning with flexible course structures in various disciplines.

  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering Technology
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Health Sciences.



Studying for a degree in HSS in our prestigious university is an enriching and rewarding experience. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences specializes in providing progammes of Law, Management, Language studies and Social Studies. Presently there are approximately 1,800 students following different degree programmes in wide-ranging disciplines.


Our degree will provide you with the intellectual skills for your chosen career and give meaning and value to it! You will gain skills including critical analysis, communication, teamwork, research and writing. BA in Social Science is a Multidisciplinary degree offered in English medium. Students who register for the degree can choose from the following four streams: Economics and Development Studies, Communication Studies, Politics and International Relations, Society and Culture Studies.

The number of graduates is increasing vastly over the past years. Today we have a student body of approximately 570 students and their excellent performances in final examination is an honor to our Department.

Academic Coordinator

Ms. R. Varnitha (BA (Hons.) Sociology, MA (Sociology) Peradeniya)



Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

03 years

Entry Requirements: G.C.E. A/L three passes in any stream or Foundation Programme in Social Sciences ( no. 13) or any Foundation Programme in OUSL Application
Diploma in Youth in Development


Entry Requirements: G.C.E. A/L three passes in any stream or Foundation Programme in Social Sciences ( no. 13) or any Foundation Programme in OUSL Application
Certificate Programme in Social Science

02 Years

No educational qualifications required. Age :above 18 years old Application


World around us is changing and so is the way we do business and management! Our programmes have professional accreditation and our focus is to offer an immersive learning environment to achieve success. Our aim is to impart & develop the management knowledge, skills and appropriate managerial attitudes. Our degree is highly recognized world-wide and respected.

Academic coordinator

Ms. K.D.P.M. Kothalawala (BSc., PGD in HRM(IPM)


Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies (BMS)/Diploma in Management. (2 years)

(total 4 years)

Entry Requirements: 3 passes in G/C/E (A/L) in one sitting or any foundation programme at OUSL & selection test or ESBM (no. 12) or other qualification acceptable to the OUSL senate. Application
Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

(ESBM) (1 year)

Entry Requirements: 6 passes in G/C/E (O/L) or Foundation Programme in social science. Level 01(No.13) Application


We offer the LL.B Degree programme Level 3, 4, 5 and 6 in all three mediums. This course will offer rewarding challenges to help you into a distinct individual with critical skills for tackling legal issues. You can follow this Course both as full time or part time and those who have done their 1st degree in another discipline and other professionals can follow the degree as attendance is not compulsory and the course materials are provided from the Department. After completion of the degree you will be a qualified LL.B degree holder and practitioner and you will gain employment in key positions such as legal officers, public counselors, legal draftsman, journalists and opportunities in the academic field too.

Academic coordinators

Ms. K.G.T. Dilrukshi (LL.B Hons Peradeniya, Attorney At Law)
Ms. Yashodha Thilakarathne. (LL.B Hons OUSL)


LL.B Degree programme       04 years Entry Requirements: 4 passes in G.C.E. (A/L) old Syllabus or 3 passes in G.C.E. (A/L) new syllabus or any Foundation Programme in OUSL Application


Our unit will help you reach the language proficiency level needed to enter your course at the university. Courses are offered in all three languages and are tailored alongside subject related disciplines and you will learn the general skills required for academic purpose.

Academic Coordinator

Miss. Samadhi Dissanayake (BA Spec. Languages, MA inLinguistics, Kelaniya)


Advanced Certificate in English for Business & Professional Communication (1 Year) Entry Requirements: Placement Test and Pass in G.C.E. (O/L) Application
English for General Academic Purpose (undergraduate Course for all disciplines) Entry Requirements: For undergraduate students Application
English for Legal Studies Entry Requirements: For undergraduate students Application
Sinhala for Beginners (01 Year) Entry Requirements: Pass in G.C.E. (O/L) Application
Beginner’s Course in Tamil (01 Year) Entry Requirements: Pass in G.C.E. (O/L) Application




Scientific knowledge is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Our commitment to excellence in science teaching and research are reflected in our course of study. The Faculty of Natural Sciences offers programmes in areas of Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. Practical work is an integral part our degree programme. These sessions are designed to transfer practical skills, experimental methodology, planning, interpretation of data as well as other generic skills. Our science degree can take you beyond the classroom to engage with industry and better prepare you for your career.


Senior Academic Coordinator

Mrs. K.C. Weerakoon (BSc. Spec. in Zoology, MPhil. Peradeniya)


We provide facilities to perform all the practical sessions of level 4

in our Zoo, Botany, Physics and Computer labs. We are in the

process of building a new laboratory complex with more facilities

to cater more students in future.


STO of Laboratories

Mr. R.M. Wijerathne





Bachelor of Science (03 years) Entry Requirements:03 Passes in G.C.E (A/L) in approved science subjects(in any number of sittings or OUSL Foundation Certificate in Science Application
Stand Alone Courses in Science (01 year) Entry Requirements: No formal qualifications are required. Application




The faculty of Engineering Technology provides courses in Agricultural and Plantation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, computer engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Philosophy, and Textile and Apparel Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering is a four year full-time IESL accredited

degree offering seven possible majors. Lab facilities in areas

such as electrical/electronics, Civil Lab, Computer lab, Textile lab,

Agriculture lab and a Mechanical workshop are provided to

upgrade the quality of study.

lateral thinking through practical hands-on workshops and industry

based projects to prepare students with skills of analysis, design,

find solutions that promote positive change in the world.




Academic Coordinator

Mr. W.D.S.S. Bandara. (B.Sc.(Eng) MEng. (AIT)





Bachelor in Technology in

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronic and Communication Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Textile Engineering           (04 years)

Entry Requirements: G.C.E (A/L) 3 passes in Physical Science stream or 36 credits from relevant Foundation Courses of OUSL or equivalent. Application
Bachelor of Industrial Studies in


Apparel Production and Management

Textile Manufacture

Fashion Design & Product Development

Entry Requirements: For Agriculture – G.C.E (A/L) 3 passes in Physical/ Biological science stream with Biology or 36 credits from relevant Foundation Courses of Application
Bachelor of Software Engineering

03 years

Entry Requirements: G.C.E (A/L) 3 passes in any subject stream or 36 credits from relevant Foundation Courses of OUSL or equivalent. And One year Tertiary level qualification And Passing the selection test. Application
Diploma in Information Systems

01 year

Entry Requirements: G.C.E (A/L) 3 passes in any subject stream or 36 credits from relevant Foundation Courses of OUSL or equivalent. Application
Certificate in Industrial Studies in

Apparel Technology

Small scale Renewable Energy Systems

Animal Husbandry& Aqua Culture. 01 Year

Entry Requirements: G.C.E. ( O/L) Application


Our aim is to produce graduates who have the core skills and knowledge to provide the best healthcare for people. Students are exposed to professional development through learning management skills, research methodology, communication skills and many other areas in subject of nursing. Our four year Bachelor of Nursing Degree develops a professional nurse to work in constantly evolving clinical and administrative environments in any division in healthcare sector.


Academic Coordinator

Mrs. E.W.A.I.M. Siriwardena. (BSc. Nursing, BA, PGDE (OUSL), MAE (OUSL)

MSc. (Kristiansand, Sweden).



Bachelor of Science in Nursing (04 years) Entry Requirements: 03 passes in G.C.E (A/L) in Science stream. (the first two years are exempted for registered nurses) Applications




Our wide range of course combinations will help you to tailor your degree according to your goals and ambitions. Faculty of Education offers programmes in the areas of early childhood, secondary and tertiary education and special needs.


Our programmes are aimed at developing professional primary school teachers who have a strong understanding of contemporary theories and approaches in teaching and a sound knowledge in Child Development, cultural and social diversity, early intervention, curriculum design and research skills. We also offer career counseling forums, teacher training programmes, and provide our service as resource personnel for the central province preschool authority. Our Supipi model Pre- school is a set example in pre- Education system and more beneficial for the local community.

Academic Coordinator

Mrs. N. Athukorala. BA,(PGDE)



Advanced Certificate in Pre-School Education (01 year) Entry Requirements: Successfully completed Certificate in Preschool Education Applications
Diploma in Early Childhood & Primary Education Entry Requirements: Successfully completed Advanced Certificate in Preschool Education(No. 09 & 10) or 3 passes in G.C.E. (A/L) or G.C.E. (O/L) 6 passes including Mathematics , first language and a merit pass in English Applications




Professional skills and experience are compulsory components embedded in our certificate and diploma courses. All courses involve a two month professional teaching practice placement in local government schools as part of the professional experience component. Moreover the students gain a sound knowledge in child psychology, research methodology and child development with contemporary theories and approaches. Students who participate in these courses are capable of meeting the demands of both national and international education sectors and career challenges. Today we have approximately 400 students enrolled in our courses.

Academic Coordinator

  1. L.A.S. Premarathne (BA, ME, PGDE)



Post Graduate Diploma in Education (15 months) Entry Requirements: Degree with 01 year teaching experience Applications
Certificate in Pre-School Education (01 year) Entry Requirements: G.C.E. (O/L) 6 passes including Mathematics , first language and a merit pass in English Applications
Bachelor of Education in Special Needs (02 years) Entry Requirements: Any level 3 &4 programme in OUSL, other qualifications applicable for the OUSL Senate Applications


Student group work

University life is what you make it. You can make new discoveries as
you take part in team projects. 




The Kandy Regional Centre offers well designed Short Term Programmes (04 month courses) to meet your career requirements covering specific topics. On completion of these courses students may progress in to a range of related degrees as well.

The Coordinator

Mr. Kelum Wijesuriya (BSc. Ruhuna)



  • Human Resource Management
  • Listening and Speech in English
  • Marketing Management
  • Auto Cad
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Tourism and Hotel Management


Our story of success…….


The students of KRC have demonstrated relatively a higher completion and success rate in academic performances. We have proudly produced numerous bachelors degree holders, Masters degree holders, post graduated diploma holders, diploma holders and certificate holders in the year 2017 the second highest among the regional network. Our students have achieved many first class degrees and gold medals and prizes for excellence in their academic performances.


With our competent academic staff..


Thanks to the outstanding caliber of the work of our academic staff we are able to offer you a cutting- edge curriculum that is recognized worldwide. Our academic staff has established many international links with universities around the world. These links have led to numerous global partnerships in exchanging, in teaching, learning models, collaborative research, and curriculum design. They have won numerous awards and medals for their commitment in the field of research. For example Presidential research award by Dr. G.K.R. Senadheera (Faculty of Natural Sciences), National Research Council award by Dr. G.K.R. Senadheera and Dr. R. Rathnayake (Faculty of Natural Sciences), Annual Research award by Dr. G.K.R. Senadheera (Faculty of Natural Sciences),



We are in the process of adding more

classrooms and lecture theaters to cater any

number of students with more facilities and

modern classroom equipments.


Student can enjoy the beautiful surrounding seated in open air gathering





Students organize various social activities with assistance from the university during the period of their course study. You can get involved in annual musical events like Sahurdha Yamaya and Padura and show your talents. Students can participate in festivals and events that reflect the pulse of our culture and work in a multiethnic and diverse cultural landscape. You can join in a range of events, share your ideas, team up with others and show your talents and performances. Involving in integrated social activities help students to learn new skills and simply have fun!

Improving your job Prospects ……. We offer programmes that extend beyond what you learn in the classroom and prepare you for your career. JOB FARE is organized annually inviting professionals from leading companies to guide students on the requirements of the today’s job market and some of our garaduates and undergraduates get job opportunities out of them!


Community Services


Our students take part in team projects both in and outside the lecture theater. A host of extracurricular pursuits are organized in their year calendar such as clubs and social events, donation campaigns and religious programmes. The Faculty of Engineering annually organizes a blood donation campaign. Among many other programmes the Dhamma Deshana, donations to the orphanage and Elder’s home, donations to the unprivileged schools and in situations of natural disasters reflect the unity, cooperation and the humanity of our young hearts! Educational Seminars such as ‘Tharanaya’ (conducted by Dr. Nawaz Jiffry) focusing students who sit for the G.C.E (A/L) were an immense success. Through these projects they have formed a remarkable link between the KRC and the local community.

A programme conducted for government officers.



The OUSL provides a range of services to meet the requirements of the students.




The Kandy Regional Centre Library is open from 8.30 a.m.

to 4.15 p.m. everyday including weekends except on poya

days and on university holidays. As the library form an

important part of the development programme we enhance

our collection regularly with text books reference sources,

course materials, and government information sources to

facilitate learning relating to all forms of disciplines. You

have access to both print and digital collections well

equipped with books in a wide variety of subjects,

periodicals, journals and extensive resource materials.


We also provide current awareness services, ILL and DDS services, inquiry services, research assistance, and user education workshops to fulfill the information needs of our students.

The online catalogue helps students to locate

materials for their course of study within a

short period of time. The Audio Visual

Resource Center is fully equipped with

a substantial collection of videos, audios, CDs

and supplementary print materials. Students

can use modern reading rooms, individual

study rooms for leisure reading and computer

room can be used for internet access.


The past examination papers are also available on the website for reference. The in-house photocopy facility is very popular among students. Our dedicated library staff is here to support you during your course of study.


Mrs. A. Weerakoon.(PHD in Botany, MSSc. In Library and Information Science, Kelaniya)

Our library web page is


Computer labs

We offer a number of PC labs to assist you in completing your assessments. Students can visit National Online Distance Education Service Access Centre (NAC Centre) located at the university premises. The technological hub for video conferencing linking other centers and providing online courses through which online materials also can be accessed by the student from his/her own home. Through my OUSL web portal service students may access online model Courses, personal details, timetables, Payment details, and submit final examination applications too.


National Online Distance Education Service Access

Centre (NAC Centre)

The ECL (Elementary Computer Lab) conducts Certificate of Completion in Computer Literacy offered by Faculty of Computer Technology. This course is designed to enhance the literacy and competency in using basic computer applications and to develop analytical thinking and communicational skills. The Short Term Courses are also facilitated by this unit such as Auto Cad, Web Design and Graphic Design. IT facilities are available for all students who are registered under different disciplines. The ECL also handles day schools of computing, Exams of all faculties and 3 hour practical sessions for individual students as well. The ECL is open all seven days from 8.30 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. except on university holidays.


Mr. V. Raveendran

Link     http: //



The new canteen is fairly large and spacious. Students can meet friends and have a chat them while having their refreshments. Meals and other refreshments can be purchase at a reasonable prize from the canteen.



Temporary Residence Facility

The university has Temporary Residence Facilities which provides student’s short term accommodation for course related activities which consist of dormitories and a common study area. A moderate fee is charged from the students for the use of this facility.

Other Facilities

Auditorium– Our new auditorium with the capacity of 750 seats serves the campus in all occasions, for example in cultural events, musical shows, concerts seminars etc. Public can reserve the hall for their events.


University Ground – a fully turfed ground is used for many events organized by the University, for example sports events, New Year celebrations and other recreational activities. (Public can reserve on request).


The New Exam Hall

The exam hall in the new administrative building has the capacity for approximately 7500 students.




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