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Welcome to the Department of Social Studies!

The Department of Social Studies is a multi-disciplinary academic division integrating the disciplines of Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Social Anthropology and Mass Communication. The Department has evolved with a distinct character and profile over the years, specialising in development studies while maintaining a strong foundation in the core disciplines.

The Department strongly believes that social science graduates with strong academic credentials, competencies and skills can contribute meaningfully to the country’s social and economic development and progress. Additionally, the department also believes social science graduates should learn to respect democratic values and cultural diversity while demonstrating a strong sense of civic responsibility and social responsiveness.


To facilitate the empowerment of people for the national development process and to pave the way for sustainable and equitable socio-economic, political and cultural development through high quality study programmes ranging from Certificate to Postgraduate levels.

Graduate Attributes

At the end of the study programme graduates are expected to be

  • Scholarly
  • Competent
  • Insightful and socially responsible
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Academic Prospectus 2021/2022- DSS


MOCK EXAM & Continuous Assessments (CAs) Timetable and Instructions -2021/2022

Advanced Certificate in Social Sciences

Level 5 Course Descriptions   

Level V Timetable – 2021/22

Level IV Course Descriptions 2021

Level IV Timetable – 2021/22 

Day School Zoom Links for BA in Social Sciences Level 3.(DSU3521,DSU3531,DSU3551

Advanced Certificate In Social Sciences 2021/2022 Level 1 & 2 Student Guidelines




BA in Social Sciences

Advanced Certificate in Social Science

Advanced Certificate in Social Science (Sinhala)

BA in Youth and Community Development

BA in Social Sciences Degree – Mass Communication Stream

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BA in Social Sciences Degree – Politics and International Relations Stream

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