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The Faculty of Natural Sciences has over 35 years of experience in delivering science degree programmes adopting the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methodologies. The Faculty functions under the leadership of the Dean, who is the administrative and the academic head. It consists of six Departments: Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology. In keeping with the mission and objectives of the Faculty, it currently offers 29 programmes of study ranging from Certificate to Postgraduate level, as well as stand-alone courses and short courses. The main undergraduate programmes offered by the Faculty are BSc degree programme and BSc (Hons) degree programmes with nearly 5,000 students.

The programmes of study offered by the Faculty of Natural Sciences are designed to develop competency in the area of specialisation, the soft skills and the technology needed for the 21st Century world of work. Further, learners are given several opportunities to enhance their career paths and continuously instil a passion for lifelong learning. Read More


Faculty Awards Ceremony – 2021

Faculty Awards Ceremony – 2021 Faculty Awards Ceremony 2021 of the Faculty of Natural Sciences was held on the 23rd Feb 2022 at the Conference Hall of the OUSL. The

Faculty Awards Ceremony – 2022

The Faculty Awards Ceremony 2022 of the Faculty of Natural Sciences was held on the 12th Jan 2023 at the Conference Hall of the OUSL. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. P.M.C. Thilakarathne,

Upcoming Programmes

The Study System of the University

The study system of the OUSL is based on open and distance learning methods. It is different to the conventional study system that most of you are familiar with. Regular attendance at the University is not required and is therefore well suited for those of you who are employed or engaged with other commitments.
Student learning is facilitated through carefully prepared printed course material suitable for self-learning. Printed course material is supplemented with audio visual and online learning material. Your progress in courses is evaluated at different time intervals using a variety of assessment methods such as assignment tests and final examinations

Undergraduate Guidebook 2023/2024

Programmes/Courses described in this Guidebook
Bachelor of Science Degree
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree
Higher Diploma in Science
Other Programmes/Courses

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Mission and Objectives of the Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Organogram of the Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Contact Information
  • The Study System
  • Preparing Activity Schedule of the academic year
  • etc.

Guide to Applicants for Stand-Alone courses in Science 2023/2024

The “Guide to Applicants” provides you information you would require to enroll in the stand-alone courses offered by the Faculty of Natural Sciences, The Open University of Sri Lanka.

Enrolling in stand-alone courses will enable you to obtain knowledge in specific areas
without having to register for a complete programme of study.

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