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Advanced Certificate in Applied Earth Sciences

Advanced Certificate in Applied Earth Sciences programme (SLQF -Level 2) is designed to create the awareness of the importance of earth resources in Sri Lanka through identifying, discovering, value addition and sustainable utilization of it among the personnel interested and/or engaged in earth science related fields and activities.

Duration : Minimum 1 year
Course Fee : Rs 1020/= per credit
Issuing of Applications : May 20, 2024
Closing Date for Applications : June 30, 2024

Short Course in Python for Beginners

Python is a highly used language in the industry due to its simplicity and ease of use. So, learning this language is really beneficial to the students. The course is very thorough and goes through everything from theories to programming and creating your own codes to run your own Python Projects. It is made in such a way that those who do not have programming knowledge but are enthusiastic in learning to become proficient in this language. In the end of the course, student will be able to create their own Python project. The assignments will be given to understand Python programming language better and get hands-on experience.

Duration : 04 Months
Course Fee : LKR 20000
Issuing of Applications : December 10, 2023
Closing Date for Applications : March 8, 2024

Diploma in Microbiology

Diploma Programme in Microbiology which is designed to cater to professionals who are in the relevant sectors, both private and government, and also those who wish to gain/upgrade knowledge and skills in the field of Microbiology with the aim of becoming professionals in the relevant field. The programme is to be conducted by distance mode as a blended online programme and will require only limited attendance for formal face-to-face activities

Duration : 01 Year
Course Fee : LKR 90000
Next Intake : July 2025

Tropical Biodiversity and Ecotourism Field Course

Course OverviewEmbark on a captivating two-week journey into the heart of tropical biodiversity and conservation through our immersive short course. Designed for individuals with diverse backgrounds, from undergraduates to postgraduates and nature enth …

Duration : 14 days.
Course Fee :
Issuing of Applications : April 5, 2024
Closing Date for Applications : May 5, 2024

Short course in soil-less agricultural technology for urban gardening

Food security is one of the pivotal themes of the new millennium and it has recently become the most urgent challenge in agricultural industry. However, it should be noted that the progressive drop of fertile soil surface, due to the environmental poll …

Duration : 30 hours
Course Fee : Rs. 20,000
Issuing of Applications : June 1, 2023
Closing Date for Applications : June 30, 2023

Short Course in Computer Network and Security

The computer networks use several technologies for connecting computers together we will learn some of those popular technologies that are commonly used today. This course on computer networking and security is aimed at teaching two wide spread areas of computer networking and the networking systems.

Duration : Six (06) Months (Saturdays)
Course Fee : LKR 40000
Issuing of Applications : December 22, 2023
Closing Date for Applications : March 8, 2024

Short course in PHP MySQL Web Development

  PHP is the most popular server side scripting language.  The combination of PHP and MySQL is used extensively to create dynamic web applications/websites, and developers with these key skills are in high demand.  This course is going to teach yo …

Duration : 03 Months
Course Fee : LKR 25000
Next Intake : June 2024

Stand Alone Courses in Science

Stand-alone courses are offered by The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) to enable those who wish to obtain more information & additional knowledge in a specific area without having to register for a complete programme of study. In pursuance of t …

Duration : One Year
Course Fee : LKR 7,830/= per credit
Next Intake : 8th January 2023

Bachelor of Science

B.Sc. Degree programme is designed to contribute towards raising the general educational standards of the public by providing an opportunity for higher education in Science. This programme facilitates those already employed in the field, and late developers to acquire a B.Sc. degree in their own time at an affordable cost.

Duration : 3 years
Course Fee : Approximately LKR 300,000/=. It can be paid in 6 installements (Two installements per year) [LKR. 2,740/= per credit]
Issuing of Applications : January 6, 2024
Closing Date for Applications : March 10, 2024

Degree of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) (By Research)

The Faculty of Natural Sciences encourages students to apply for the MPhil programs (By Research) through the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Duration : The minimum duration is 2 years and maximum period is 5 years
Course Fee : LKR 45,000/= per annum
Next Intake : Any time