Department of

We are happy to announce the establishment of the Department of Computer Science as the sixth department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences to contribute to the B.Sc degree programme by offering Computer Science as the seventh discipline. Our department is located on the third floor of the Science and Technology building of the Colombo Regional Center.

We have 20 years of experience in offering Computer Science discipline under the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. This discipline is open for any student who satisfies the qualification to enter the B.Sc. Degree Programme, regardless of whether they have offered courses from the Bio Science or the Physical Science streams of the Advanced/Foundation level. The aim of the courses offered in the B.Sc degree programme is to develop competent personnel who are capable of assuming positions in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology. In addition, we offer certificate programmes, tailor-made training programmes and short courses in computer application and networking, mainly to cater to user requirements.

To enhance the practical knowledge in Computer Science the department has a modern well-equipped computer science laboratory and a digital computer laboratory in the Colombo Regional Center. A computer science laboratory is also located at the Kandy Regional Center.

With the Department of Computer Science you will have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge, skills in computer science and information technology with passion for life-long learning. If you wish to know more about the Department of Computer Science and its services, please browse the Department web page.