Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The objective of the B.Sc. (IT) Degree program is to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of higher education by offering individuals the opportunity to pursue a degree in Information Technology. The program is specifically designed to meet the industry’s demand for skilled IT professionals, aligning with IEEE/ACM guidelines. It caters to the needs of both working professionals and those who prefer to study at their own pace, all while ensuring affordability. The program aims to achieve the following goals:

(a) to provide comprehensive knowledge in information technology with practical experience that is relevant to the industry demand.(b) facilitate individuals in acquiring an Information Technology Degree to enhance their promotional and career opportunities.

(c) provide an avenue for late developers, professionals already working in the field, and those who were unable to pursue higher education immediately after secondary school to obtain a degree in Information Technology.

(d) enable anyone to pursue an Information Technology degree at their own pace and convenience, ensuring the affordability of the course.

It offers courses at Levels 3, 4, and 5/6, equivalent to the first, second, and third years of a traditional university’s B.Sc. (IT) Degree programme. Additionally, students who demonstrate excellent performance in Level 3 and Level 4 have the opportunity to enroll in the BSc (IT) Honours degree programme. Students from any academic background can join the program, including those with a foundation certificate from the Open University.

Important notices for 2023/24 students

Programme Code : IT01
Programme Category : Undergraduate Programme
Conducted by : Faculty of Natural Sciences
Programme duration : Minimum three years
Discipline(s) / Course(s) : Information Technology, Mathematics

A person seeking admission to the BSc (IT) degree Programme leading to the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology shall be required to have four (04) options of admission;

Option 1

A minimum of three (03) pass grades in any number of sittings of the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination in any stream, Sri Lanka

Option 2

A certificate in Foundation programme in Social Science/ Advanced Certificate in Social Science offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka

Option 3

A minimum of three (03) pass grades of any of three (03) subjects offered from among the Foundation programme in Science/ Advanced Certificate in Science offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka

Option 4

a minimum of three (03) pass grades obtained from the combination of Sections option 1 & option 3 above

Option 4

An equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate (e.g. GCE Advanced Level – London can be considered with this option)

Online application has to be made through (Please take the correct link)


Fees for students registering for the BSc (IT) Degree Programme in the academic Year 2023/24 are as follows.

You will be receiving two separate vouchers in the Academic year 2023/24 ;

  1. The first instalment of  60% of Tuition fees for  BSc degree programme and  Facility Fees; (should pay fully during the registration) -Voucher 1
  2. Second installement of 40% of Tuition fees + Laboratory fees (should pay 5 months after the Registration) -Voucher 2

Voucher 1

Four compulsory courses are recommended.

  • FDE3022 Empowering for Independent Learning (EfIL)
  • LTE3413 English General Academic Purposes (EGAP) – (can get exemptions. Please refer the Appendix 1 of the Guidebook for more details)
  • COE3200 Communication skills for computing
  • ADE3430 Foundational Mathematics (can get exception for A/L physical science students)


Total package is LKR 8,500/= but you need to pay only LKR 5,500/= with the first instalment

Breakdown of the first Instalment (Voucher 1)

(i) Compulsory Courses (LKR 5,500/=)

(ii) Tuition fee (LKR 54000/=)

  1. Tuition Fee: Rs. 2870/= per credit
  2. Number of Credits of regular courses to be offered/registered per year – between 8-30 (Tuition fees for the academic year may differ depending on the number of credits that you register and can adjust the voucher).

As, the first instalment, BSc students will initially receive a voucher corresponding to 30 credits. For this first instalment you will have to pay 60% of Tuition fees (LKR. 2870/=x 30 x 0.60 = LKR.51,660/=). The payment may be reduced at the time of registration if you wish to register for a lesser number of credits.

(ii) Facility Fees (LRK 4,200/=)

Registration Fee LKR 500.00
Facilities Fee LKR 2,500.00
Refundable Lab Deposit LKR 1,100.00
Library Facilities LKR 100.00
Total LKR. 4200.00


Total for the Voucher 1 =  LKR 5,500/= + LKR. 51660/= + LKR. 4200/

Rs. 61,360/=


Breakdown of the Second Instalment of the Tuition Fees (Voucher 2) – should be paid after five months of registration

The second instalment, which is 40% of tuition fees, is due approximately 5 months after the registration. The amount would be LKR. 34,440/ + Laboratory fees (If you have registered for laboratory-based courses)


If you wish to cancel your registration and withdraw from the programme of study, you will be required to inform the Assistant Registrar/Student Affairs by a letter. A refund will be made only if you notice before the Add/Drop date.

Tuition Fee – Overseas Students


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