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Bachelor of Education (Natural Sciences)

Degree of Bachelor of Education Honours in Natural Sciences [BEdHons(Natural Sciences)] Programme is an Inter-faculty programme offered by the Department of Secondary and Tertiary Education of the Faculty of Education, in collaboration with the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Open University of Sri Lanka. It is a programme with one hundred and twenty two (122) course credits with a minimum duration of 4 academic years. The first two years (Levels 3 and 4) will be devoted to the teaching of science subjects (Offered by Faculty of Natural Sciences concurrent with BSc degree programme) and the other two years (Level 5 and 6) to Education subjects (offered by Faculty of Education).

B.Ed. (Natural Sciences) Degree programme is designed to contribute towards raising the general educational standards of the public by providing an opportunity for higher education in Science and Education. This programme facilitates those already employed in the field, and late developers to acquire a B.Ed. (Natural Sciences) Degree in their own time at an affordable cost. It specifically aims to:

  • To provide further education opportunities for non-graduate Science/ Mathematics teachers in the education system.
  • To provide higher education opportunities for those who are qualified to enter a university.
  • To provide a professional qualification for science graduates who are willing to enter the teaching profession.




Admission to Level 3 of the Programme

A person seeking admission to the BEd (Natural Science) degree Programme leading to the award of the Bachelor of Education Honours in Natural Sciences [BEdHons(Natural Sciences)] shall be required to have four (04) options of admission;

Option 1

a minimum of three (03) Pass grades at the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination, Sri Lanka, in any of the following three (03) science subjects among

      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Combined Mathematics
      • Physics
      • Agricultural Science
      • Information and Communication Technology
      • Applied Mathematics (old syllabus)
      • Higher Mathematics (old syllabus)
      • Pure Mathematics (old syllabus)
      • Botany (old syllabus)
      • Mathematics (old syllabus)
      • Zoology (old syllabus)

Option 2

PASS grades in three (03) science following subjects in the Advanced Certificate in Science programme offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka

  • Combined Mathematics
  •  Biology
  •  Chemistry
  • Physics

Option 3

A minimum of three (03) PASS grades in three (03) science subjects, obtained from the combination of Option 1 and Option 2

Option 4

An equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate (e.g. GCE Advanced Level – London can be considered with this option)

Online application has to be made through


Issuing Applications: 06.01.2024

Deadline: 10.03.2024

Commencing date: May 2024

Fees for students registering for the BSc Degree Programme in the academic Year 2023/24 are as follows.

You will be receiving two separate vouchers; One for the StART@OUSL programme and the other for the first instalment of Tuition fees for  BSc programme and  Facility Fees.

You are required to make payments for both vouchers before coming for registration.

Voucher 1

StART@OUSL                      –      Rs. 8,500.00 (Full package)

including three compulsory courses recommended by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Compulsory courses:

FDE3020 Empowering for Independent Learning (EfIL) – (Free)

LEE3410/LTE3401 English General Academic Purposes (EGAP) – Rs. 5500/= (can get exemptions. Please refer the Table 3 of the Guide Book for more details)

CSE3213 ICT Skills – Rs. 3000/= (Can get exemptions. Please refer Table 2 of the Guide book for more details)

Voucher 2

Tuition Fees (first Installement + Facility Fees)

Tuition fee

  1. Tuition Fee: Rs. 2,610/= per credit
  2. Number of Credits of regular courses to be offered/registered per year – between 8-30 (Tuition fees for the academic year may differ depending on the number of credits that you register and can adjust the voucher).

As, the first instalment, BSc students will initially receive a voucher corresponding to 24 credits. For this first instalment you will have to pay 60% of Tuition fees (Rs. 2,610/=x 24 x 0.60 = Rs.37,584/=). The payment may be reduced at the time of registration if you wish to register for a lesser number of credits.

Facility Fees

Registration Fee                    –      Rs.      400.00
Facilities Fee                          –      Rs.    1,500.00
Refundable Lab Deposit      –      Rs.    1,100.00
Library Facilities                    –      Rs.      100.00
Total                                         –       Rs.   3,100.00

Total for the Voucher 2 =  Rs. 37, 584/= + Rs. 3,100/

= Rs. 40,684/=


Voucher 3 Second Instalment of the Tuition Fees

Second instalment, which is 40% of tuition fees, is due in approximately 5 months after the registration (approximately October 2023). The amount would be Rs. 25,256/ + Laboratory fees (If you have registered for  such courses)


If you wish to cancel your registration and withdraw from the programme of study, you will be required to inform the Assistant Registrar/Student Affairs by a letter. A refund will be made only if you notice before the Add/Drop date.

Tuition Fee – Overseas Students


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