Master of Arts in Development Studies and Public Policy

This MA Degree is offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Marga Institute to uplift the standards in education and research in Development and Policy Studies through integrative social sciences. In other words, this programme will enable to build skills and capacities of graduates in different academic disciplines to work in the development sector, nationally and internationally, This is of two years’ duration in the English medium.

The MA Programme consists of thirteen regular courses and one Continuing Education course to be offered in 4 semesters, with the subject matter arranged as modules dealing with Historical, Theoretical, and Thematic issues relating to development. This programme consists of 45 credits worth of regular courses, 3 credits worth of Continuing Education Courses and 15 credits worth of research work.



Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Post Graduate Degree Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Social Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Programme duration :
Minimum 2 years
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Communication, History, English Language, IT/software skills

• A Degree from a recognized university, or
• Secured an equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the OUSL Senate with at least one (01) year of work experience in planning, administration & implementation of development projects


• Through an interview held by the Department of Social Studies whenever the need arises

Accepting on-line Applications:
  03rd April 2023
Closing Date for Applications:
Programme Commencing Date:

Application Fee :  Rs. 1,000/-


Tuition Fee – Overseas Students

This Post Graduate Degree programme is conducted by the department of Social Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in collaboration with the Marga institute. Contact the coordinator, Dr. Madhubhashini Galagedarage for further details.


Address :
Department of Social Studies
Contact :
0112881417 / 0112881403/ 0112881034 / 0112881496
Email :

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