Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education offers a wide range of programmes from Certificate to Postgraduate levels in line with its vision to be a leader in the advancement of knowledge and professional practice in education as a fundamental endeavour through Open and Distance Learning in Sri Lanka and the Region. It is one of the largest providers of initial and continuous professional development programmes for teachers in the fields of preschool, primary and secondary and special needs education through the distance mode in Sri Lanka. The student enrolment in the programmes offered by the faculty is over 8000 in each academic year and the pass rate is above 80%. Research is an integral component of the activities within the Faculty and the staff members are actively involved in many research projects.

The Faculty of Education presently consists of the following four Departments of Study:

1. Department of Secondary and Tertiary Education

2. Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education

3. Department of Special Needs Education

4. Department of Educational Leadership and Management

Each Department is under a Head and all Departments are collectively responsible for the academic activities of the faculty.

The vision of the Faculty of Education is to be a leader of the advancement of knowledge and professional practice in education as a fundamental human endeavor through open and distance learning in Sri Lanka and in the region.

The mission of Faculty of Education is to:

  • Achieve excellence in research and scholarship in the field of Education
  • Prepare professionals for service and leadership roles in education and related areas
  • Constructively inform educational policy makers and to critically appraise educational  policy in Sri Lanka
  • Contribute to curriculum development in general and teacher education in particular
  • Support society to identify and respond to its educational responsibilities and challenges

Heartiest Congratulations!!! for our academics who won the OUSL Research Awards at OURS – 2023 held on 09.11.2023. It’s a great honour to the Faculty of Education and as the members of the Faculty we are very proud of you all.

1. Senior Professor S.P.Karunanayaka
2. Professor F.M.Nawastheen
3. Dr.J.D.Careemdeen
4. Mr.K.Ketheeswaran

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