Staff of the Dean’s Office

B.Sc. Business Administration (Special) (SJP), MHRM (Col) (Reading)
Assistant Registrar
  +94 011 2881017 ,  Extensions 517/559
Ms. J.M.P.P.Jayasinghe
B.Sc Special(Hons) in IT, M.Sc (Merit Pass)
Instructor in computer Technology  011-2881059
Ms. R.A. Sriyani
B.A. Soc. Sc. (OUSL)
Senior Staff Assistant  0112 881059
Ms. D.A.S. Sandamali
B.A. (Peradeniya)
Management Assistant  0112 881059
Ms. HJN Hewawasam
B.Sc.Finance (Sp.) (SLIATE), MAAT (AATS), CBA (CIS)
Management Assistant  0112 881059
Diploma in IT & Software Development (Col.)
Management Assistant  0112 881059
Mr. P.D.P. Perera
Works Aide  0112 881059
Mr. M.T.K.Weerakkodi
Works Aide  0112 881059
The Open University of Sri Lanka
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