Staff Development Center

Welcome to the Staff Development Centre

The Staff Development Center (SDC) of The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) was established to promote and support academic and administrative work that enhances the capabilities of the staff of the University.  Towards this end, the SDC conducts and facilitates various training programmes and workshops to develop skills and competencies required to function as an effective employee of the University.

Activities for professional development are conducted for all categories of staff including academic, administrative and non-academic. The range of programmes and workshops offered covers not only work-related capabilities but spans to encompass personal development as well.  The flagship programme of the SDC is the Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education (CTHE) programme conducted for the Lecturer (probationary) at OUSL. All Lecturers (probationary) need to successfully complete the CTHE programme, which is a UGC recognized programme for their confirmation. The SDC has completed 7 rounds of CTHE programme. The Senior Induction programme for newly recruited Senior Lecturers is another key programme conducted by the SDC which is recognized even among other universities in Sri Lanka. In addition, many continuing professional development workshops and refresher courses are also carried to enhance career development of all staff of the university.

The SDC annually conducts many programmes for improving the language skills of the employees. Toastmaster Speech Craft programme, academic writing programmes, communication programmes for both Tamil and English for all staff of the university are some such programmes. Activities to promote mental wellbeing, motivational programmes and counseling workshops are also conducted annually. With all these workshops and programmes the SDC looks forward to enhancing knowledge, skills and attitudes of all the stakeholders.

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