Faculty of Engineering Technology


“Achieving excellence in providing life–long learning opportunities in engineering and technology for all to meet industrial and social needs through open and distance learning, and support research and scholarship by efficient and sustainable use of resources.”

Faculty of Engineering Technology offers a variety of study programmes leading to the awards of Certificates, Advanced Certificates, Higher Diplomas, Honors Bachelor Degrees, and Postgraduate Diplomas and Degrees encompassing a many engineering and industrial specializations as needed by the industry in line with the Sri Lanka Qualifications Frame Work. Major honors degrees awarded by the Faculty are the Bachelor of Technology (Engineering), Bachelor of Industrial Studies, and Bachelor of Software Engineering.

In addition to the taught study programmes the Faculty through its well equipped academic departments facilitates research leading to the awards of MPhil and PhD degrees.

 Pre-Orientation Sessions – Registration 2023/24 – (held on 16th March)

 Pre-Orientation Sessions – Registration 2023/24 – 01

 Pre-Orientation Sessions – Registration 2023/24 – 02

2nd day of the  pre -orientation session (25-09-2022)

Post orientation session 

Pre- orientation session Day 03 (08-10-2022)

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