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Department of Civil Engineering, the Open University of Sri Lanka, with a history of more than 35 years is the 3rd oldest of its kind in Sri Lanka. Currently around 1600 students are studying for their Bachelor of Technology Honours in Civil Engineering Degree. There is an annual intake of around 400 students to follow the Civil Engineering Degree in the Department, and is probably the largest Civil Engineering Department in the country. The Department is ably supported by qualified and well experienced staff consisting of Senior Professors, Professors, Senior Lecturers with PhD’s & postgraduate and professional qualifications with field experience. In addition to the conduct of Civil Engineering Degree programme, the Department contributes to teaching of all engineering undergraduates in the Faculty in the initial levels and also conducts Civil Engineering oriented courses for other engineering programmes from the second year onwards. The department has a strong relationship with the industry and utilizes their services in curriculum development and the teaching programme in order to produce Civil Engineering graduates of the highest calibre.

The department offers a Masters in Structural Engineering postgraduate programme to enhance the capability of practicing engineers as a part of their continuous professional development. The department also provides ample opportunities for postgraduate training in advanced research. The academic staff of the department are actively engaged in research and development activities and consultancy projects which are supported by local and foreign funding agencies. Our department offers a rich and diverse program consisting of both studies and research opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to produce competent Civil Engineers who can actively contribute to the national development efforts and to undertake advanced research.

The Department has strong active links with industry and is very committed to continuing and developing these ties. The importance we place on the movement of our research to practice cannot be overstated. It is fundamental to whom we are, and what the Department is all about.

Civil Engineering is the major profession that is involved with the planning design and execution of development programmes aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life for the people at all levels of the society.

More specifically, Civil Engineers are responsible for the Investigation, Planning, Design and Construction of;


  • Bridges, Roads and Highways
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Buildings and commercial Structures
  • Railways, Harbours and Airports
  • Water Treatment/Supply systems and Water/Wastewater disposal systems
  • Coastal structures
  • Marine Structures
  • Hydro Power, Dams, Tunnels and Irrigation schemes
  • Environmental improvement facilities
  • Flood control and Ground Improvement structures
  • Transportation & Conveyance Systems

It is also the responsibility of the Civil Engineer to ensure proper implementation and management of aboveprojects to derive the highest possible benefit to the society.

For more information about the Department you may download the above booklet on the ‘Department of Civil Engineering @ OUSL’.

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