Special Needs Education


The Department of Special Needs Education was established in February 2004. The overall aim of the department is to help realize the objectives of the Child Resource Centre with regard to the assurance of rights of the children with special needs and those placed in special circumstances which Sri Lanka has pledged to implement.

The Department of Special Needs Education of the Faculty of Education of the Open University of Sri Lanka has been conducting the Degree in Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education programme since 2013. The main purpose of this programme is to develop professional competencies needed to serve as an effective teacher to respond the special educational needs of all students. The Department offers this programme to empower those who intend to work in the field of special needs education with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and confidence.

The OUSL is in conformity with the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF). Accordingly, Bachelor of Education Honors in Special Needs Education Degree Programme [(B.Ed.Hons(Special Needs Education)] is restructured in line with SLQF.

Student Handbook 2021/2022 (Sinhala)

Student Handbook 2021/2022 (Tamil)

Student Handbook 2021/2022 (English)

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