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Welcome to the Department of Legal Studies of the Open University of Sri Lanka. The  Department conducts a Bachelor of Laws degree programme and a Master of Laws in Criminal Justice Administration. Click here to learn more about these programmes.


To be a centre of excellence for a new model of legal education in the 21st century that takes an interdisciplinary approach to law and public policy in developing solutions to national and global problems and challenges.


The aims of the programmes are to produce law graduates who understand the functioning of the law and the legal system in the socio-political and economic context of Sri Lanka, to enhance the capacity of such graduates to critically assess this system, and on graduation, to contribute to the further development of Sri Lanka’s legal system and the administration of justice.



Graduates of the LL.B  andLL.Mprogrammes should:

  1. Have a wide knowledge and understanding of the legal system of Sri Lanka including substantive law, procedures and institutions.
  2. Be able to apply that knowledge to solve legal problems that he or she may be called upon to do.
  3. Be able to conduct research on any area of law whether previously studied or not, and write a legal analysis of a given issue.
  4. Have both oral and written communication skills.
  5. Appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of law and understand the contribution that other disciplines and professions make to the study and practice of law.
  6. Understand, appreciate and uphold the ethics, values and standards of the legal profession and those working in any field of law.

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