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Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences Accepting on-line Applications: From 05th march 2017 to 20th [2017-03-24 11:58:21]
The BA in social Sciences is a 3 year study programme starting at Level 3. Each year is divided into two semesters. During each semester you can offer courses worth a maximum 18 credits. To complete the programme you need to have a total of 108 credits. Each year you will offer a combination of compulsory and elective courses. In addition, you will have to offer what are known as ‘Continuring Education’ (CE) courses. You can select up to 9 credits of CE courses each year. Some of the CE Courses, such as English, are compulsory. This 3 year multi-disciplinary degree programme in english medium offers you the opportunity to obtain a multi-disciplinary social science training while also selecting a stream in which you can obtain a special orientation. Students who register for the programme can choosse from the following 4 streams: 1. Economics and Development Studies 2. communication Studies 3. Politics and International Relations 4. Society and Culture Studies
Certificate in Social Sciences Accepting on-line Applications:From 05th march 2017to20th April 2017 [2017-03-24 11:55:17]
The Certificate in Social Sciences is a Distance Education Certificate level programme offered by the Department of Social Studies of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. This programme has been designed to promote the educational needs of the employed adults and school leavers above 18 years of age, who have not had the privilege of formal Secondary Education. Those who complete this programme successfully will be able to follow the Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. It is also an entry qualification to sit for the Selection Test for LL.B and Management degree programmes of the Faculty.
BA in English and English Language Teaching (Level 5&6) Final Examination 2016-Re-Seruitinization of [2017-03-15 15:13:50]
Students request for verification of results for the above programme are entertained by the faculty of HSS from 01 March 2017-15 March 2017. Please send your request addressed to the Dean, faculty of HSS with the receipt of Rs.500/- (nonrefundable fee) paid to the shorff counter at OUSL or Pepole’s Bank A/C Number 174100280347378. The application forms for verfication for Examiner’s Mark and Grades can be obtained from the web site of the faculty of HSS , OUSL & from any Assistant Directors of the Regionel Centers. Futher information please contact Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Humanities and social scieances. 011-2881377 / 011-2881232
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