Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Greetings to you all from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences..

Our faculty, which is multi-disciplinary by way of institutional character, has been contributing immensely towards nation building for nearly three decades through three departments, namely, Legal Studies, Languages Studies, English Language Teaching and Social Studies. These collectively carry a broad mandate to empower a heterogeneous community of people to maximize their true potential in serving the society at large with enriching concepts leading to human productivity.

Our faculty has made pioneering contribution in producing such expertise through the Open Distance Learning (ODL) mode guided and inspired by the highest international standards provided by global institutions like the Commonwealth of Learning and the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. In this noble endeavor, the faculty has many more achievements that we can be collectively proud of. We take pride in the fact that we have created a viable ladder of opportunities for a diverse community of people to enter formal education from the Certificate Level to Postgraduate Level. The clientele that is attracted to our courses differ radically from the conventional university clientele as most of them come from the “University of Life’’ with enriching experiences that make them look at academic concepts from a broad real-life perspective.

While the undergraduate programmes offered through the three departments offer great diversity, facilitating the highest interests of nation building through broad areas like fair administration of the law, local and international language competencies and overall social, economic, political and cultural development. These departments have also launched a variety of postgraduate programmes that help to build expertise for greater national and international causes. I am happy to note that they have been positively acclaimed by the government as well as the international community.

Our faculty has served the community for over three decades with passionate commitment to empower people from all walks of life. We have in this process molded the lives of students to serve at the highest levels of national leadership, committing ourselves to a great journey towards excellence.

Professor Anton Piyarathne
Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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