Quality Assurance Cell

Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC)

Introduction Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was established to coordinate, monitor and facilitate Quality Assurance related activities of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. FQAC members The Faculty Quality Assurance Cell consists of Chairperson, one representative from each department and the Assistant Registrar of the Faculty.
Members of the FQAC
Prof. (Ms.) K.R. M. De Silva

Contact: 0112881229 / Ext 2211
Ms. Raeesah Adjie
FQAC/Academic Coordinator

Contact: 0112881297 / Ext 2103
Ms. Nisanka Jayarathne
Rep/Department of Legal Studies

Contact: 0112881149 / Ext 2308
Ms. Samadhi Dissanayake
Rep/Department of Language Studies

Contact: 0812494083
Ms. Udeni Herath
Rep/Department of Social Studies

Contact: 0112881083
Ms. Parami Ranasinghe
Rep/Department of English Language and Teaching

Contact: 0112881058 / Ext 2501

FQAC Functions and Responsibilities

FQAC Functions and Responsibilities

Annual Action Plan of FQAC

Action Plan – 2022

Action Plan – 2019

QA Resources:

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Workshop for Academics and Non Academics on Course Material Writing – 2023

Workshop on How to create a study guide? – Facilitated by Prof. Gayathri Jayatilleke, on 18th August 2023



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