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Updated 18.05.2022

Applications for the Verification of Results, BSc final examinations, 2nd semester, 2020/2021 – closing date 31st May 2022

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Updated 09.05.2022

Calling application for consideration for the Award of BSc Honours degree/BSc degree/Higher Diploma in Science, Convocation 2021(ii)- Closing date 28th May 2022   

Updated 05.05.2022

CSU5320: Project in Computer Science

Updated 25.04.2022

Master Timetable - 2021/2022 (1st Semester)

Updated 01.04.2022

The registration dates of the Advanced Certificate in Science programme have been postponed to 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st April 2022 as follows.

New Registration/Re-registration –
CRC – 18,19,20,21 April 2022
All other RCs/SCs – 19,20,21 April 2022
Scheduled date Re-scheduled date
4th April 2022 18th April 2022
5th April 2022 19th April 2022
6th April 2022 20th April 2022
7th April 2022 21st April 2022

Dean/Faculty of Natural Sciences

Updated 28.03.2022

Dear students,
Day school sessions for EGAP cycle 01 of academic year 2021/22 started on 27th March 2022. We regret any inconvenience caused when logging in to these sessions.

Groups 1-5 from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.
Group 6-10 from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Please see the following notices about your day schools

1. Your classes will be held completely online, and the details of your access to LearnOUSL, continuous assessment and the final examination will be informed in the due course.

2. You must have received, your group, the respective zoom link, and a copy of the amended activity schedule through an email to your ousl e-mail address.

Please contact the hotline of the IT division if you have login uses to this email
0716 368 180 / 070 1235 776

3. Please note that the link given, and the group assigned is used for ALL day schools of the group you are in, and we will not share any other links.

4. We are currently not in a position to change the groups assigned as the grouping is done in a particular order. We will explore the possibility of attending to your requests in future ONLY if there is provision.

5. After logging in to your ousl email if you still find that you have not received an email to your OUSL email (check your spam too)

6. Don’t panic if you have missed your session 01 held on 27.03.2022, we will provide you the recording of this session to watch later – we will communicate further details in future.

You can call the department of English Language Teaching (DELT) for ONLY for further inquiries on 0112881058 during weekdays – Ms Nadini Thushara (academic coordinator – EGAP cycle 01)

Please kindly note that the DELT cannot help you with

a. Login issues to your ousl email – see bullet point 3 above for that
b. Changing your assigned groups and overlapping courses during your study sessions

Online application for BSc final examinations – 2nd semester ,2020/2021 till 17th February 2022


Updated 08.01.2022

Timetable of BSc ONSITE CAT 2 examinations, 2nd Semester, 2020/2021 (only at Regional Centres) 

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