Mathematics is the queen of Sciences. It is also said to be the language of Sciences. The necessity and the usefulness of Mathematics in Science is emerging and even better recognized in the modern society. Mathematics is all around us, in everything we do in our daily lives, including in the use of technology and digital devices, architecture, art, finance, engineering and even sports. Mathematics improves logical thinking and enhance analytical skills which are indeed needed to understand and effectively deal with real-life problems.

The Department of Mathematics welcomes students who wish to follow courses in the areas of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics mainly at undergraduate and post graduate level. In line with the mission of the University, the department guides students to become independent learners thus enabling them to pursue lifelong learning.The department offers well-structured courses designed in such a way to widen the horizons in the fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics.These courses are supported with course materials,well written in a learner friendly manner.

Department currently offers a Special Degree in Mathematics for students who have performed well in Level 3 and Level 4,and the department also plans to offer a Special Degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Depending on the availability of expertise, the department also welcomes students for M.Phil and Doctoral degrees.

In addition, the Department offers stand-alone courses in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics to cater to those who wish to enhance knowledge in the areas of their choice without registering for a regular Degree programme. Further, the Department provides statistical assistance to the Faculty.

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