Quality Assurance


The Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) of the Faculty of Natural Sciences is established to coordinate, monitor and facilitate Quality Assurance related activities of the Faculty and to ensure that the mission of the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the University is realized at Faculty level. The Faculty Quality Assurance Cell consists of The Faculty Coordinator who is also the Faculty representative to the Senate standing committee on Quality Assurance of the University, one representative from each Department and the Assistant Registrar of the Faculty.

Members of the FQAC

Dr. N. Nilakarawasam (Faculty coordinator and Rep/ Department of Zoology)
Dr. K.O.L.C. Karunanayake (Rep/ Department of Botany)
Dr. W. Jayawardena (Rep/ Department of Physics)
Mr. D.R. Kulathunga (Rep/ Department of Chemistry)
Ms. S. Dissanayake (Rep/ Department of Computer Science)
Ms. M. Seneviratna (Rep/ Department of Mathematics)


Functions and responsibilities of the FQAC- as Specified by CQA

Functions and responsibilities of the FQAC- as Specified by CQA


FQAC Annual action plans

Action Plan – Academic year 2019/20, 1st semester progress

2018-Nsc-Action plan For IQAU

Final Report 2017 – Nsc – Action plan

Final Report 2016 – Nsc – Action plan



Guidelines for a good day school

BLOOM’S TAXONOMY – Application of learning hierarchy

Feedback forms

Day School evaluation form

Practical evaluation form

Peer evaluation of day schools


Examination Related forms

Front cover of the Final examination question paper

Final examination – moderators form


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