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The distance learning methodology adopted by the OUSL may be felt initially as a challenging task to you. However, very soon you will learn that it is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. In addition to gaining subject knowledge and skills, you will be developing many other life skills, including self organization and time management. Regular Lectures, a feature of face to face teaching at conventional Universities is minimal at the OUSL. Instead, students learn through carefully prepared study material together with other forms of support that facilitate leaning. Following topics may be of help to you in this process of learning.

  • Planning your work
  • Support for learning
  • Reading & note making
  • Develop the right attitude
  • Exam success
  • Administrative Divisions providing support

Planning your work


Now, you have added a new goal to your life. So, your wish is to complete this goal successfully with excellent performance. To climb the ladder of success you need planning.

  • Do not delay to start! Start from today now! Reading through your study guide, will help you to start your work. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the support staff at OUSL to get some tips or guidance. Staff contact details are in your department information sheets.
  • Organize your self. You may have to find a good study environment to work. Try to re-arrange your home or hostel room and make a place which is comfortable for you to study. Store your study materials and necessary equipments in such that is easy to locate at any moment.
  • Plan your studies according to the number of credits you registered. When you are allocating time for your studies remember that one credit requires 50 hours of study time. Calculate your work load according to the number of credits you have registered. Estimate your total work load in hours for the academic year and divide the work load to two semesters in hours. Suppose each semester is 105 days long (15 weeks). Estimate the time you have to spend per week according to your work load. Prepare a weekly time plan to meet your work load at OUSL. Schedule study times for subject according to the plan and the credit rating. When you are preparing your time plan you may have to commit your self to suppress some of your interesting hobbies, activities and find time for studies.
  • Stick to your plan.
  • Keep your tasks bite sized. Keep small tasks for each day which you are like achieve. So that you can evaluate your progress every day and how much you achieved in your task.


  • Studying the sessions 1 or 2 of particular course and doing the self examples and activities.
  • Fulfillment of small tasks will lead you to the achievement of larger objectives
  • Larger tasks


  • Completely answering an for assignment
  • Studying for CAT examination

More on planning your work.



Support for learning

You should get to know the support available to you and get the maximum advantage from it.

  • Day schools – Day schools are interactive sessions where you will get the opportunity to meet the respective course teachers to clarify any difficulties they come across in your study material. Though the attending of day schools not compulsory, attending a day school well prepared will immensely help you to perform well in the course.
  • Tutor clinics – Tutor clinics are normally held just before the semester final exams as an additional help for you properly for final examinations
  • Laboratory / field work / projects – Practical work is an integral part of many courses and attendance is compulsory.
  • Online Support – Some courses are supplemented with an online component. Online Supported courses AV Support Video
  • Library – Speak to library staff an investigate borrowing facilities and online library resources More information. Click Here to visit the Library
  • PASS sessions. –


Reading and making Notes

For the open and distance learner, note making plays an important role in the learning process. Following recourses will help you to develop the reading and note making skills.

  • Effective Reading



  • Note making


  • Outline notes


  • Cornel notes


  • Note making skills


  • Mind mapping


  • Concept mapping



Developing the right attitude


  • Think positively and reward yourself for each achievement. You are studying for yourself, so give yourself a ‘pat on back’ each time you take a step towards you end goal then move on.
  • Get motivated – Think about why you are studying B.Sc degree Programme.
  • Be flexible – Study routines are important. But if something comes up that interrupts your study plans work around it. Try to avoid frustration and feeling like you are working behind. Just rearrange your time, reset your goals and move forward.
  • Be clear about your goals – Be clear about the tasks that you will need to achieve the final goal of your program successfully.
  • Be realistic – Your expectations have to be realistic and need to be adjust according to the circumstances.
  • Be persistent – For your success, your efforts must be sustainable and must be able to spread over long period of time.
  • More about right attitudes





Exam Success

Exams play necessary and important role in your study programme. Since they are very important for you to be evaluated, you have to study for exams in a very effective manner. Following recourses will help you to be successful in your B.Sc. programme at the OUSL.



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