Ms. M.D.J.S.saparamadu

Senior Lecturer (G I)

Faculty of Natural Sciences
Senior Lecturer

Colombo Regional Center, 3rd floor, Science and Technology building, Room No : W5

Office: 112881129, Ext: 629


I graduated from University of Colombo in 1986 and did my M.Sc. and M.Phil both in the area of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Colombo. I am interested in applicable research such as water purification and hydroponics. I was able to do a social project on hydroponics and won Technology Award for excellence from NFS.

Areas of Specialization:
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Nutrient management in Hydroponics
Research interests:
  • Nutrient management in Hydroponics
  • Hardness removal in water
Course Coordination:
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Instrumental methods of Chemical analysis
  • Merit award ‹¨« Laboratory Management Technology course conducted by NIBM
  • Technology Excellence award (2015) – National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka
  • Some investigations on copper and cadmium decontamination of waste waters by rice hull ash ‹¨« Annual sessions of Sri Lanka Association for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, 1995
  • Development of a low cost and productive new nutrient formulation for simplified hydroponics using commercial grade chemicals ‹¨« PGIA Congress, 2008
  • Development of nutrient formulations for different crop growth stages in simplified hydroponics ‹¨« Annual sessions of SLAAS, 2008
  • Evaluation of the main limitations of Albert’s Solution as a hydroponics fertilizer and optimization of its use ‹¨« Annual sessions of SLAAS, 2008
  • Journal of horticulture and forestry – A Low Cost Nutrient Formulation with a Buffer for Hydroponics Systems Used Under Natural Climatic Conditions – 2010
  • Journal of Tropical Agriculture – Low cost hydroponics package for developing countries in the tropics- 2010
  • Annual sessions University of Kelaniya ‹¨« 2011 ‹¨« Net photosynthetic production and potential carbon assimilation capacity of mangroves of Kadolkele in Negombo estuary Sri Lanka
  • Potential of simplified hydroponics technology as a resource efficient urban house hold food production system. In   Proceedings:  International conference on Sustainable built environment (ICSBE), 2012.
  • Reduction of water hardness using plant parts. In   Proceedings:  Annual  Academic Sessions of the Open University of Sri Lanka, 2013.
  • Silicon supplementation by rice hull leachate on the growth, yield, fruit parameters and antracnose disease resistance capsicum ‘Muria F1’. International Journal in multidisciplinary Studies (IJMS), Volume I, 2014.
  •  A novel approach for growing capsicum: a hydroponics system treated with rice hull leachate for enhanced performance of Capsicum annum L. In   Proceedings:  Peradeniya University international research sessions, Sri lanka, 2014.
  • Effect of silicon on antracnose disease in hydroponically grown Capsicum annum L. cv Awulegama. In   Proceedings:  Peradeniya University international research sessions, Sri lanka, 2014.
  • Enhanced resistance to anthracnose disease in chili pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) by amendment of the nutrient solution with silicon, Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, 90 (5) 557–562 (2015)
  • The mechanisms underlying the anthracnose disease reduction by rice hull as a silicon source in capsicum (Capsicum annuum ) grown in simplified hydroponics. Elsevier Proceedia Food Science 6 (2016) 147-150


Ongoing Research:

Anopheline mosquito fauna of Sri Lanka: Current prevalence, bionomatics and their genetic variability in mitochondrial DNA COI gene.


Research Supervisions:

Preliminary investigation on removal of colour of water in Chawakachcheri area using charcoal of rice hull and coconut shell.


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