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We believe that education is a right and should be an achievable goal for anyone aspire for self-improvement and lifelong learning.  OUSL warmly welcome overseas students for the regular academic programmes, internships and research projects. There are two types of studentship schemes for you to apply for

International students for regular courses

The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) will seek to enrol overseas students from a diverse range of countries to expand educational experience across countries. The OUSL offers range of study programmes through six faculties: natural sciences, engineering, management, education, humanities and management at the certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, degrees, postgraduate diplomas, and higher degrees.

The admission to a programme of study offered by the OUSL will be conditional upon successful meeting of the entry requirements set for each program, which includes English language proficiency.

General Requirements

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It is the responsibility of applicants to review all programme of study, scholarship and other information prior to applying for admission to the OUSL. All relevant information will be available on the OUSL website.

The applicant shall possess the required equivalent or higher entry qualification

(a) as prescribed by Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) or (b) as recognized by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka, or (c) an equivalent qualification as acceptable to the Senate.

Applicants shall meet the English language proficiency requirements of the respective programmes of study. Therefore, applicants whose primary language is not English or whose previous education has not been in English must provide evidence of proficiency in English i.e. achieve a minimum score of 79 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or achieve a minimum score of 6.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) etc.

Application Process

Steps of the application process is given here. Please contact the International Relations

Step 1: Explore OUSL

The best way to get a feel for the University is to explore OUSL through its website.  Feel free to contact the International Relations Unit (IRU) for details as well.

Step 2: Choose your course or programme of study

Use the links in the ‘International Programs and Courses’ section to explore what you can study at OUSL, and find out what entry requirements you need for the courses you’re interested in.

Step 3: Speak to a Faculty or Department Member

Contact the relevant Faculty or Department and speak to them about your entry options and any other information.

Step 4: See what scholarships you can apply for

OUSL offers a range of scholarships that you may be eligible for, contact the International Relations Unit (IRU) for further details.

Step 5: Visit us

The best way to get a feel for OUSL is to visit us. Contact the IRU for a list of dates and times to come and see what it’s like. The IRU can organize your visit to the University for you.

Step 6: Applying

You can apply online using the following link :


If you are unable to apply online, you can download the necessary application form via below link:

Step 7: Visa and Immigration Requirements

Students planning to undertake part or all of their study in Sri Lanka will need to apply for a Resident Visa – Student category.  Students will be assisted throughout this process by the IRU.

Students must apply for an entry permit first whilst in their home country and a student visa upon arrival in Sri Lanka.  Students are requested to contact the International Relations Unit as soon as they receive their official offer letter.

OUSL adheres to instructions given by the Ministry of Higher Education Sri Lanka and the Department of Immigration & Emigration Sri Lanka with regards to all Visa and International Student matters.

For further details on the application process and assistance, please contact the International Relations Unit via

Facilities for Learning

Learner Support

We offer a wide range of programs and services to increase students’ participation in University and support your involvement in all aspects of education and life OUSL.  For details of various assistance programs, please contact the relevant Faculty or Department for further details.


English Language Training

All study programmes except a few are conducted in the English medium. Department of English Teaching offers language courses to upgrade students’ capacity to learning in English.  Moreover, OUSL is home to the Postgraduate Institute of English which is the only tertiary level institute responsible for the English language in Sri Lanka.  The Institute conducts a Master’s degree in teaching English and also short courses, continuing professional development and workshops.


OUSL library offers a range of resources and services to facilitate teaching, learning and research.

                Library Services

IT Services

The Information Technology division maintains the IT infrastructure for and provision of web pages, email, MIS, training of the staff on usage of IT, maintenance, upkeep and upgrading of all IT equipment in OUSL.


Health & Welfare


OUSL is committed to ensuring your safety on campus. We want you to have the best possible experience during your studies here.


For any security related matters, please contact the OUSL Security Division on +94 +94 11 2881 344


Health Care Centre

OUSL cares for your health and provides staff and students with access to a health care centre.  To contact the centre please dial: +94 11 2881 370


Accommodation and Living Costs

If your course requires you to attend for residential components, OUSL has temporary residential facilities available at its main campus at Nawala.

Please contact the Warden to discuss your requirements on +94 11 2881 289

If you’re looking at staying outside the University, you can find a better place with affordable rates.

Accommodation costs will vary based on the location, size, furnishings and services offered.  Your able to find a range of accommodation types from luxury houses and apartments to homestays.  As the main campus of OUSL is located in Nawala, students are encouraged to find accommodation nearby in suburbs such as Nawala, Nugegoda, Narahenpita, Kirullapone.


General living costs in Sri Lanka are well below those of developed nations, however costs will vary based on the type of lifestyle you wish to lead.


Traveling around Colombo and around Sri Lanka can be quite a memorable experience, particularly if your using public transport, however a variety of transport options are available to get around, including private car, bus, train, three-wheeler, taxicab.

Ensure that you use only metered taxis, both for cabs and three wheelers.

If you wish to travel outside Colombo and you’re on a budget it is best to use trains and buses.  Both trains and busses offer air-conditioned luxury options.  If you are not financially restricted, you can hire a private self-drive or car with driver.

Visiting Research Students

The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) will seek to enrol overseas research students from a diverse range of countries to enlarge research experience within Sri Lanka. These guidelines apply to all overseas students enrolled as visiting research student to do their field work/research study/laboratory work with the OUSL as part of their postgraduate research programme. This section provides a broad framework and set of principles regarding the admissions and enrolment process.


1.1. he/she is a full-time postgraduate research student registered in a recognized overseas institute (Higher Education Institutes recognized by the UGC) under the supervision of a full time permanent academic staff working at the said overseas institute.

1.2. he/she is planning to do his/her field work//laboratory work/research/study at OUSL, as part of his/her postgraduate research programme, on the request through his/her principal supervisor whom he/she registered in an overseas institute.

1.3. he/she and his/her principal supervisor gives a written willingness to appoint an academic staff from the OUSL to oversee the postgraduate research while he/she is in Sri Lanka.

1.4. he/she willing to accept and abide by the rules and regulation laid by the OUSL and accepts for all costs associated. The OUSL will not hold liable for any costs incurred.

Application Process

2.1. A prospective visiting research student shall submit an application in the form of a request letter address to the Vice-Chancellor of the OUSL through his/her supervisor indicating his/her willingness to enrol as a Visiting Research Student at the OUSL.

2.2. On receiving such requests, the IRU will request the student to submit supporting letter from his/her supervisor in relation to his/her intended field work/ laboratory work/research/study to be done at the OUSL, letter of acceptance as a postgraduate research student at his/her home institute and any other relevant documents deems to be required by the OUSL.

2.3. Upon receiving the full set of documents, IRU will submit the applications along with the relevant supporting documents to the office of the Deputy Registrar (DR) to start the process of reviewing the application.

2.4. All applications for Visiting Research Students will be processed by the office of the Deputy Registrar (DR). All documents will be reviewed for accuracy. A response confirming receipt of application will be sent to the applicant within five (5) working days of receiving the application. If required, the applicant may be requested to provide additional information within ten (10) working days.

2.5. Upon receiving the full set of documents, the office of the DR will verify and confirm the authenticity of academic qualifications and supporting documents.

2.6. Once the above procedures are completed and if the student has met the requirement for admission, the office of the DR will submit the applications to the Higher Degrees and Research Committee of the OUSL.

2.7. The Higher Degrees and Research Committee will forward the applications with recommendation along with the name of the local research supervisor after scrutinizing them to the Senate for its approval.

2.8. Once the student complies with the registration requirement, the office of the DR will follow the admission process and provisionally register the student. The office of the DR will send the student’s provisional admission letter by registered post and a copy via e-mail.

2.9. The office of the DR will inform the IRU about the details of the students who have registered provisionally, in order for the IRU to facilitate the visa process.

2.10. The IRU will contact the provisionally registered student via e-mail to facilitate the visa process. Generally, the visa process will take two to three months.

2.11. In case, an applicant does not meet the requirement for admission, the application will be rejected, and the office of the DR will inform the student through the IRU accordingly.

                                Application Form 

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