Faculty Student Counsellors

Faculty Student Counsellors

Department of Basic Sciences Dr. O.K.D.U.P. Nishshanka

Senior Lecturer in Basic Sciences

Telephone: 0112881163

Department of Health Education and Research Ms. S.D.S.R. Karunarathne

Probationary Lecturer in Health Education and Research

Telephone: 0112881355; Ext: 6400

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences Dr. (Ms.) D.T. Wijeratne

Senior Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Telephone: 0112881146

Department of Nursing Ms. K.G.P.K. Munidasa

Senior Lecturer in Nursing

Telephone: 0112881325

Department of Pharmacy Ms. R.B.J. Buddhika

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy

Telephone: 0112881131

Department of Psychology and Counselling Dr. (Ms.) M.P. Dissanayake

Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Counselling

Telephone: 0112881113; Ext: 6701

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