Psychology and Counselling

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Department of Psychology and Counselling strives to facilitate individuals to develop their theoretical knowledge of Psychology and practical skills in engaging with others. Psychology is the discipline that explores human behaviour within a scientific framework, through its various subfields of Counselling, Health, Educational, Organizational, Clinical and Developmental Psychology. We believe basic knowledge of human mind and behaviour is important and essential to many professionals engaged in Social work, Human resource management, Military, Business and Consumer areas. Anyone who is in contact with another individual at a supervisory, employee or customer relation level can also benefit from the knowledge of Psychology and the practical skills of the discipline.

Currently we offer a government recognized four-year BSc Honours Degree in Psychology with the highest level of quality and standards to those interested in learning about Psychology as a theoretical discipline. Also, this degree is for those for those interested in their personal development by learning practical skills of the profession, human behavior and thought processes within the Sri Lankan context.

The Department also administers the Counselling unit of the OUSL which plays a role in the health and wellbeing of the staff and students of the OUSL……….

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