Medical Laboratory Sciences

Medical laboratory services play an important role in patient care as they contribute to clinical decisions with respect to disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the management of diseases. Over the years, the demand for qualified professionals in medical laboratory sciences has been increasing, nationally as well as internationally. As medical laboratory sciences is one of the most dynamic sciences, continuous advancement of the Medical Laboratory Scientists/Technologists is essential to make full use of the advances in technology for the improvement of human health.

The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences at The Open University of Sri Lanka offers a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences Honours Degree programme for registered Medical Laboratory Technologists serving in the public and private sectors. The programme will also be open to school leavers in the near future. Those interested in a career in this field are invited to take the opportunity provided and enroll in the programme to graduate as a professional equipped with theoretical and practical competences relevant to the role of a Medical Scientist/Technologist.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

After completing 120 credits at Levels 3 to 6, the qualification holder is expected to have the following characteristics/competencies

  • PLO 01: Academic expertise – Exhibit up-to-date and comprehensive scientific knowledge and understanding in the field of medical laboratory sciences
  • PLO 02: Practical competence – Apply knowledge in scientific theories, principles, quality assurance and safety guidelines to practice and demonstrate practical expertise in the field of medical laboratory sciences.
  • PLO 03: Effective communication and networking – Practice communication and networking effectively to develop productive relationships within and outside the healthcare environment and to enable administrative, consultative and educational interactions.
  • PLO 04: Teamwork and leadership – Demonstrate capability of working efficiently as a team member and a team leader to establish and achieve common missions and purposes and to direct and collaborate with others while understanding, appreciating and motivating them.
  • PLO 05: Creativity and problem solving – Act creatively demonstrating critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in finding solutions to problems encountered, in making improvements and in research and innovations.
  • PLO 06: Managerial and entrepreneurship skills – Demonstrate management skills and entrepreneurial competencies in achieving organizational or business goals.
  • PLO 07: Information and data management skills – Demonstrate abilities in collection, analysis, presentation and management of data with the use of traditional and modern methods while ensuring safety, confidentiality and security of data.
  • PLO 08: Ethical professional behaviour- Perform duties and responsibilities demonstrating an understanding of ethical behaviour and professional standards.
  • PLO 09: Self-management and lifelong learning – Develop a vision to direct life through reflective practice and lifelong learning, exhibit ability to adapt and respond to changing and challenging situations in personal and professional life. 

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Academic Year 2023/2024

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