Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy at The Open University of Sri Lanka.

The Department of Pharmacy is one of the six Departments that make up the Faculty of Health Sciences at The Open University of Sri Lanka. Our Department conducts a professional Pharmacy undergraduate programme that leads to the Degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) through open and distance learning methodologies.

Pharmacy is the profession responsible for the appropriate use of medications, devices and services in order to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. As such, pharmacists need to be well-equipped with knowledge, attitudes and skills required to deliver high quality, consistent and safe treatments to their clients. Thus, our B.Pharm. Degree Programme is designed to develop a professional Pharmacist with knowledge, favorable attitudes and skills in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to suit the needs of the healthcare sector and the relevant academic and research fields. Furthermore, we aim to develop motivated, self- directed learners who have the capacity to efficiently and effectively contribute to their profession and the work place, maintaining international standards.

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