Research – Pharmacy

# Name Department Title
1 P.W.G.D.P. Samarasekara, R.A.N. Dilsha, A.S.D. Wickramasinghe, H.A.D.B. Amarasiri, D.H. Pathirana Pharmacy Possible drug-drug interactions in the prescriptions of discharged patients at a selected hospital in Colombo District.

Research and Other Contributions


Journal Articles

  • Sabalingam, S., Dharmawansha, G. H. G. U. A., Wijayabandara, M. D. J., Siriwardhene, M. A. & Pathirana, W. (2019). Dextrinized Maize Starch-Maize Starch Combination as Exclusive Fillers in Tablet Manufacture. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 81(5), 960-966. doi: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences. p591
  • Sabalingam, S., Dharmawansha, G. H. G. U. A., Wijayabandara, M. D. J., Siriwardhene, M. A. & Pathirana, W. (2019). Purified Cashew Gum as an Effective Natural Tablet Binding Agent. The Pharmaceutical Journal of Sri Lanka,9(1),8–19. DOI:
  • Sabalingam, S.,Jayasuriya, W. J. A. B. N. (2019). Pharmaceutical Excipients of Marine and Animal Origin : A Review. Biological and Chemical Research, 6(12), 184-196.
  • Prasanna, S. M. S., Cader, T. S. B., Sabalingam, S., Shanika, L. G. T., & Samaranayake, N. R. (2020). Are medications safely used by residents in elderly care homes? – A multi-centre observational study from Sri Lanka. 00, 1–15.


Conference Publications 

  • Samaraweera, N., Mahathevan, N., Heenkenda, H.M.A.K., Dilsha, R.A.N., Jeyanthan, M., Senarathna, L. (2020). Patient satisfaction on pharmacy services provided by the outpatient pharmacy of National Hospital of Sri Lanka. Colombo Medical Congress 2020, pp.156
  • Samanthilaka H.A.E., Vithanage M.N.A.,  Ganegoda S.S.G.A.R.K.,  Samaranayake G.N.D., Priyangika K.A.I. (2020) Adherence level to good pharmacy practice based national  medicines regulatory authority guidelines by community  pharmacies in Colombo city area and Polonnaruwa district in  Sri Lanka. 08th International Conference on Health and Medicine, Gari Research Symposium 2020
  • Amarasiri H.A.D.B., Jayasundara A.C.A., Adassooriya N.M., Synthesis, Characterization and Swelling Studies of Methotrexate Incorporated Hydrogels Using Natural Polymers and a Cross Linker; Preliminary Study to a Nano-hydrogel. International Research Conference of Uva Wellassa University (IRCUWU-2020), p252
  • W.G.D.P. Samarasekara, R.A.N. Dilsha, A.S.D. Wickramasinghe, D.H. Pathirana, S. Wijekoon, L.R. Sendanayake, H.A.D.B. Amarasiri (2020), Possible Drug-Drug Interactions in Prescriptions of Discharged Patients at a Selected Teaching Hospital in Colombo District. Proceedings of the Postgraduate Institute of Science Research Congress, Sri Lanka (RESCON), p178
  • Mamunuwa AMVGN, Coombes J, Lynch CB, De Silva A, Wickramasinghe NDD, Jayamanne SF. Pharmacists’ interventions in the management of drug related problems – Sri Lanka Medical Association – 133rd Anniversary International Virtual Medical Congress, 2020
  • Amarasiri, H. A. D. B., Kodagoda, B. M. C. U., Tennakoon, T. M. P. S., Wijekoon, W. M. N. C., Sendanayake, L. R.&Chenthuran, M. (2019). Assessment of the Knowledge, Practice and Adherence to Thyroxin Treatments of Thyroid Cancer Patients at Badulla Provincial General Hospital, Sri Lanka. International Proceedings of the Peradeniya University Research Sessions (iPURSE), Sri Lanka, p161.
  • Kularathne, H. M. I. P., Dilsha, R. A. N., Mujammil, M. T. M., Irshad, S. M. M. & Samaranayake N. R. (2019). Types and prevalence of dispensing errors in selected hospitals in Sri Lanka – A multi-center study. International Conference on Health Sciences (ICH), University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda
  • Mujammil, M. T. M., Dilsha, R. A. N., Kularathne, H. M. I. P., Irshad, S. M. M. & Samaranayake, N. R. (2019). Awareness and perceptions of pharmacists on dispensing errors. 2nd South Asia Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (SAMR’19). Sri Lanka: The International Research and Development Institute (TIRDI).
  • Rathnayake, R. M. S. L., Herath, H. M. H., Kandamullage, M. U. & Priyangika, K. A. I. (2019). Assessment of Effectiveness of Quality Failure Recall Procedure in Government Medical Supplies Using Western Province in Sri Lanka. Annual Research Sessions, Allied Health Sciences, University of Ruhuna.
  • Sriyani, K.A., Wickramasinghe, A.S.D., Samarasekara, P.W.G.D.P., Galgamuwa, G.L.S. & Chameera E.W.S. (2019). Self-perceived ability of research skills among undergraduates. Open University Research Sessions – 2019, OUSL, Sri Lanka.pp 72, ISSN 2012-9912
  • Bandara, G. Y. M. H., Herath, H. M. D. R., Amarasinghe, N. R.& Tennakoon, T. M. I. U. D. K. (2019). Formulation, characterization and evaluation of anti-inflammatory cream incorporating Carica papaya leaf extract.Annual Scientific Sessions, Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka,Colombo
  • Sandakalum, N. A. R. & Abeysundara S. P. (2019). The knowledge and practice of safe handling of anticancer drugs among staff of government hospitals in Sri Lanka, Rajarata International research Conference (RIRC), Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Mihintale.
  • Sewwandi, A. D. D. & Ekanayake, E. M. U. J. B. (2019). Identification and comparison of prophylactic antibiotic usage patterns in a surgical unit as the initial step to establish a guideline for the antibiotic prophylaxis. Annual Research Sessions, Allied Health Sciences, University of Ruhuna.


Research Projects and Grants

  • A preliminary study of a liquid foaming formulation containing an extract of Tinospora cordifolia- Faculty Research Grant 2020





Mamunuwa AMVGN, Jayamanne SF, Coombes J, De Silva A, Lynch CB,Wickramasinghe NDD. Pharmacist counselling; a new practice for improving outpatient management of diabetes in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Medical Association – 131st Anniversary International Medical Congress, 2018
De Silva, DTN, Fernandopulle, BMR, Yasarathna, KWGKP, Wijesinghe, KGCD, Gunasekara, ADM, Beneragama, BVSH, Panapitiya, L, Weerarathne, ED, Antithrombotic Medicines in State Sector of Sri Lanka from 2006 to 2017: Utilization, Expenditure and Gaps in Access.-131st Anniversary International Medical Congress of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, 2018.
Fernandopulle, BMR, Wijesinghe, KGCD, Yasarathna, KWGKP, De Silva, DTN, Beneragama, BVSH, Panapitiya, L, Sri Ranganathan, S, Weerarathne, ED, Trends in Utilization of Antibiotics Over a 25 Year Period in The State Sector (1993 – 2017) in Comparison with Documented Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns to Escherichia Coli in Sri Lanka. -131st Anniversary International Medical Congress of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, 2018.
Gunasekara, ADM, Fernandopulle BMR, De Silva DTN, Panapitiya, L, Beneragama, BVSH, Weerarathne, ED. Impact of the priority medicines for Non-Communicable Diseases circular on the availability of medicines in the Medical Supplies Division, Sri Lanka.-International Conference on Health Sciences (ICH 2018) organized by the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka, – 2018.
Warusavithana, SP, Kumudumala, RHJ, Balasuriya, A, Nelumdeniya, NRM, De Silva, DTN.  Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices among patients on consumption of medicines at RajyaOsusala, Colombo 07. – ‘Annual Scientific Sessions of the Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka, 2018.
Full papers:
Wickramasinghe, A.S.D., Kalpitha, A.A.N., Perera, P.P.R., Chandrika, U.G. A preliminary study on Estimated Glycaemic Index and microstructure of starch, in boiled Cucurbita moschata (squash) found in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Advanced Research; 2018,6(5),506-512 doi:10.21474/IJAR01/7058
Shanika, L.G.T., Wijekoon, C.N., Jayamanne, S., Coombes, J., Perera, D., Pathiraja, V.M., Mamunuwa, N., Mohamed, F., Coombes, I., Lynch, C., De Silva, H.A. and Dawson, A.H., 2018. Opportunities for medication review and reconciliation by a clinical pharmacist to prevent drug-related hospital readmissions: evidence from a case series in Sri Lanka. Pharmaceutical Journal of Sri Lanka,8(1),pp.61–
Amarasiri, H. A. D. B., and S. S. K. B. M. Dorabawila. “Does Electronic Medical Records MakeCost Benefits to Non-Profit Seeking Health Care Institutes?” International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications(IJSRP),vol.8,no.5,2018,pp.159–166.,doi:10.29322/ijsrp.8.5.2018.p7726.

De Silva, T. and Fernandopulle, B.M.R., (2018). Fostering reflective capacity in undergraduate pharmacy education in Sri Lanka.  Pharmaceutical Journal of Sri Lanka,8(1), pp.28- 37.

# Student Names Supervisor & Co-supervisor/s Research Topic Student Coordinator
1 Amila Heenkanda, M.Jeyanatha, Nilanthi Samaraweera, M.Niranjala Dr.Lalith Senarathne (University of Rajarata) An assessment of patient satisfaction in OPD at NHSL of Sri Lanka Ms. Nimmi Dilsha
2 Harendra Kurrupu, K.T.P.Ranadeva, G.H.P.Sampath, K.A.L.S.Karunarathna Snr.Prof. B.M.R. Fernandopulle (General sir John Kotelawala Defence University), Indunil Priyangika (OUSL) Quality standards of essential medicines from different counries analysed by NMQAL
3 Eranga Samanthilaka, M.N.A.Vithanage, S.S.G.Ganegoda, G.N.D.Samaranayake Indunil Priyangika (OUSL) Determining the adherence level of pharmacies to the National Medicine Authority Guideline based on GPP
4 Lalith Bandara, S.R.A.Pushpakumara, E.M.N.Karunarathna, D.R.C.K.Ariyarathna Dr.Asanka Pallegedara (Wayamba University), Mr. RMSD Edirisinghe (Teaching Hospital, Kununegala) Knowledge and practices on oral anticancer drug of cancer patients Sujivee Wickramasinghe
5 Asanka Gajadeera, B.A.O.Karunarathna, H.N.D.JayatilakeM.Y, Misbahun Nisa Snr.Prof. B.M.R. Fernandopulle (General sir John Kotelawala Defence University) The impact of pharmacist counselling on knowledge attitude and adherence to Clomiphene Citrate inpatients attending sub fertility clinic at Castle Street Hospital for Women. Thisuri de Silva
6 Lakmal Rathnayake, M.U.Kudagamage, H.M.H.Herath Indunil Priyangika (OUSL) Evaluation of the effectiveness of communication of quality failure batch/product withdrawals at government hospitals
7 I.A. Pathirana, K.K.D. Kamani, Shabnam Musthary, K.D.S. Peraera Mr.Aravinda Siriwardena (University of Sri Jayewardenepura) Evaluation of the potency of selected paediatric oral powder divided dosage form dispense in LRH hospital, Sri Lanka Dhanushka Amarasiri
8 Gayani David, K.A.I. Thilakarathna, H.A.P. Gunawardena Dr.J.Wijayabandara (University of Sri Jayewardenepura) Quality & stability studies of Amoxicillin capsules available in the market Dhanushka Amarasiri
9 Surangi Ranasinghe, L.T.Madhushanka, T.Mohanashanthan Dr.Dhanusha Thambavita (University of Colombo) Knowledge, practices and attitude regarding use of paracetamol among adults in Sri Lanka Nilani Mamunuwa
10 W.Nidangoda, H.W.M.Bandara, U.S.Wijenayake, M.M.A.B.Premarathna Dr.A.M.S.D.Eriyagama (Base Hospital, Gampola), Dr.N.K.C.Gunarathna (National Institute of Health Sciences) Factors associate with prevalence of psoriasis and its’ exacerbation in two selected provinces in Sri Lanka Nilani Mamunuwa
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