Thermo-Fluid Laboratory

Thermo-Fluid laboratory

Thermodynamics laboratory is equipped with facilities to conduct laboratory exercises for basic as well as higher level thermodynamic courses of the engineering degree programme.Has the capacity to accommodate 30 students at a time.


• Gas turbine Plant

• Steam Turbine Plant

• Vapour compression refrigeration demonstration Unit

• Heat pump apparatus

• Free and forced convection unit for determination of heat convection efficiency of the different surfaces.

• Natural convection and radiation unit.

• Thermal conductivity apparatus

• Apparatus for measuring Flash Point/Fire Point of fuels

• Bomb Calorimeter for determination of calorific values of solids

• Boy’s Gas Calorimeter for determination of calorific values of a gas

• Redwood viscometer for measurement of viscosity of fluids

• Sliding vane type compressor for measuring Performance.


Academic Technical
• Prof. S.A.M.A.N.S. Senanayake

• Dr.  I. U. Atthanyake

• Mrs. TSS Jatunarachchi

• Mr. P.A.J. Sisira Kumara
The Open University of Sri Lanka
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