Postgraduate Research- Engineering

All departments of Study enroll students for postgraduate research degrees leading to the awards of Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy in compliance with university policies and guidelines.

Interested applicants are requested to contact the head of the Department of Study or academic staff members relevant to the proposed research discipline at any time of the year.  The applicants will be guided to formulate proper research proposals and the application process for registering for research degrees with the assignment of supervisors is handled by the relevant Department of Study and the Faculty Research Committee.

In addition to the research degrees the Departments of study conduct master’s degrees at SLQF 9 and 10. SLQF level 10 master’s degrees require the students undertake full time research work equivalent to a minimum of 30 Credits after completing taught courses.

Guidelines for upgrading M.Phil Degree registration to Ph.D.

Application form for research grants for higher degrees (MPhil/PhD) by research

Post Graduate Students in the Faculty of Engineering Technology – 2021-2022

Department of Agricultural and Plantation Engineering

Title of the MPhil/PhD Study

Candidate's name

Supervisors' Name/s


Impact of temperture stress on soil water balance, crop yield and nitrate leaching on selected vegetable crops and future prediction using HYDRUS-1D modelling.

R.P.D.N Kumara

Prof.(Mrs) C.S.De Silva

Dr.(Mrs) H.K.L.K Gunasekara

Department of Civil Engineering

Title of the MPhil/PhD Study

Candidate's name

Supervisors' Name/s


Investigating Sustainable limits to surface water storage

Mr. AMNAK Eriyagama

Dr. LA Udamulla

Dr. V. Smakhtin

Dr. I. Werellagama


Scrutinize ecosystem sustaianbility of west coast ; an approach for adaptive governance of resilient natural capital in the face of development arrays in Sri Lanka

Mr. Bandula Wickramaarachchi

Prof. B.C.L Athapattu

Dr. T.M.N. Wijerathne


Protection against the scouring effect at downstream of an irrigation structure with modular gabion lining

Mr. D.P.M.B Thibbotuwawa

Dr. GN Paranavithana


Restoration of Estuarine Environment affected by Hypoxia through artificial downwelling using sustainable Sources

Ms. D.M.O.N Dissanayaka

Prof. B.C.L Atapattu

Prof. Jagath Manatunge


Assessment of the air pollution in urban environments due to point source and area source emissions using air dispersion modelling : A case study on thermal power plants and vehicular emission contribution to air pollution in colombo urban area.

Ms. H.B.U. Nishajanthani

Prof. B.C.L Athapattu

Prof. Shiromi karunaratna

Mr. H.D.S. Premasiri


Recycled construction and demolition waste as a raw material to rural roads and pavements developments in Sri Lanka.

Mr. A.K.P Arandara

Dr. M. S.T Priyadarshana

Dr. G.N. Paranavithana

Prof. Ranjith Dissanayake

Prof. Rajih B. Malick


Analysis and addressing payment issues in sate sector construction contracts in sri lanka.

Mr. N.Sudesan

Prof. D.A.R Dolage

Prof. Mohan M.Kumaraswamy


Analysing the Corrosionrates in reinforced concrete Structures Based on the Geographic Location and Different Exposure Conditions in Sri Lanka

Mr. S.S.S Kottearachchi

Dr. T.L Predeep


Assesing the Effect of Climate Change on the Extreme Rainfall and Floods through Hydrology Modelling in Three Climatic Zones of Sri Lanka

Mr. ADS Iresh

Prof. B.C.L Athapattu

Prof. J. T. B. Obeysekara

Dr. W.C.D. K. Fernando

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title of the MPhil/PhD Study

Candidate's name

Supervisors' Name/s


Development of a framework to foster collaborative learning among engineering student using moodel learning analytics.

Ms. H.P.A Peramunagamage

Prof. HUW Rathnayake

Prof. SP Karunanayaka


Performance evalution of physical layer network coded parallel relay channels operating with non-orthogonal multiple access.

Ms. P.H.P.A Bandara

Dr. D.N Balasuriya

Dr. Udesh S. Oruthota


Analyzing the corrosion rate in reinforced concrete structures based on the regions,from the coastal level in sri lanka.

Mr. D.M.D.K Dissanayaka

Dr. K.A.C Udayakumar

Prof. K.T.M.U Hemapala


Estimating true emotional state of an individual by reading micro facial expressions

Ms. D. Edireweera

Prof. H.U.W. Ratnayake

Dr. C. R. De Silva


Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in Grid Connected Distribution Network

Ms. RHG Shasikala

Dr. KAC Udayakumar

Dr. Narendra De Silva

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Title of the MPhil/PhD Study

Candidate's name

Supervisors' Name/s


The fatigue performance of high strength steel railway bridges based on fracture mechanics approach.

Mr. V.Viththagan

Dr. D.H.R.J Wimalasiri

Dr. P.A.K Karunananda


Development and Characterization of Chameleon inspired hybrid quadrupedal mobile robot

Mr. A.P.T.D Pathirana

Eng. T.M.D.N.T Medagedara

Eng. PDSH Gunawardane

The Open University of Sri Lanka
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