Ms. R. S. R. Rajakulasooriya

Lecturer (Probationary)

BSc in MLS (University of Sri Jayewardenepura), MSc in Experimental Biotechnology (University of Peradeniya)

Medical Laboratory Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences

Colombo Regional Center, Faculty of Health Sicences, The Open University of Sri Lanka

Office: 112881146, Ext: 646


I work as a Lecturer (Probationary) attached to the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, OUSL from 2018. I completed my first degree in Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences (BSc. MLS) (2013) from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and Masters in Experimental Biotechnology from the University of Peradeniya in 2020. During the key appointment period, I have built my expertise as an academic in the field of medical microbiology, particularly laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases. This position also enables me to aspirate diverse learning experiences through the different roles I play as a supervisor of undergraduate research projects and counsellor/mentor of BMLS students. I am passionate about human bacterial pathogens and laboratory methods for the diagnosis of bacterial infections, specifically molecular techniques.

Areas of Specialization:

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Research interests:

Bacterial infections, Molecular genetics of bacteria

Course Coordination:

MDU4307 Virology & Mycology

MDU4302 Diagnostic Bacteriology

MDU6302 Public Health Microbiology

MDU6705 Work-Based Training IV


Second runner-up for poster presentation at the Annual Scientific Sessions 2012, USJP.

Research Supervisions:

A coordinator of BMLS undergraduate research projects




  • Lakmali HTP, Dharmathilaka AWDS, Herath HMS, Weerasekara KDSN, Rajakulasooriya RSR, de Silva BSS, 2017. The reasons for delayed presentation of breast cancer: a descriptive study at the teaching hospital, Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Open University Research Sessions 2017. OUSL.


  • De Silva SL, Gunarathna HDNT, Rajakulasooriya RSR, Thambavita D, 2021. Assessment Of Knowledge and Practices Related to Technical Requirements Recommended by Iso15189:2012 Standards Among Medical Laboratory Technology Staff in Tertiary Care Hospitals and Institutions in Western Province Sri Lanka. Proceedings of the 30th Anniversary Academic Sessions, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya
  • Rajakulasooriya RSR, Deeyagahage HK, Nisansala GGT, Kudavidanage BP, Gunasekara TDCP, 2018. Optimization of a multiplex PCR for the identification of Acinetobacter species isolated from clinical specimens: a preliminary study. International Postgraduate Research Conference 2018, University of Kelaniya.
  • Rajakulasooriya RSR, Deeyagahage HK, Nisansala GGT, Kudavidanage BP, Gunasekara TDCP, 2019. Identification of Acinetobacter baumannii and Acinetobacter nosocomialis from clinical isolates using a multiplex PCR. Annual Scientific Sessions of the Sri Lankan Society for Microbiology (SSM), The Sri Lanka Society for Microbiology.
  • Rajakulasooriya RSR, Perera WPSSS, Weerasekera MM, Kottahachchi J, Bogahawatta LBAE, Fernando SSN, 2012. . Etiology of superficial fungal infections among cleaning staff at the University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Annual Scientific Sessions 2012, USJP.
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