Mrs. Lekha Erandi Karunadasa

Senior Lecturer (G II)

BA (Hons,J’pura) , MA(Colombo)

Social Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Colombo Regional Centre, Colombo Regional Centre, 1st floor, HSS building, Room No: 4 W5

Office: 112588034, Ext: 2408

E-mail: ;

I am attached to the Communication Stream in the Department of Social Studies. Communication as a powerful and an influential process, I would like to explore how communication can be planned effectively to empower deferent sectors in the country .In my previous studies, I have focused on strategic communication in community development operations with the special reference to women. I investigated the ways how strategic communication could be planned to bridge development planners and the beneficiaries to reach the goals of community development and how women can be empowered through information and communication. Through my experience, I strongly believe that communication should be considered as an integral part of the development operations. Apart from that teaching is my passion and one of my enjoyments

Areas of Specialization:

Development Communication

Research interests:

Development Communication, Political Communication, Women and Media, Women Empowerment, Community Development, Environmental Communication, Advertising &Promotion, Distance learning

Programme Coordination:

BA in Social Sciences – Level 3

Course Coordination:

DSU4621Participatary Communication for Development

DSU4622Environment Communication


Current Research
My current research focuses on strategic communication process in political parties to encourage women towards politics. Underrepresentation of women in politics has become a major academic topic of research from a variety of perspectives around the world. This fact directly effects ensuring gender equality and the genuine democracy of a country. In this particular context, political parties also have a major responsibility to ensure gender equality within the political parties. This study focuses this issue from a communication standpoint to identify the challenges and the communication gaps in the political parties to encourage women towards politics in Sri Lanka.  


Journal Articles
Karunadasa K.L.E1, Liyanahetti D.D2, Fernando G.D.T.D.K3(2021),Using Elearn Facilities in Education during a Pandemic – Reflections of Undergraduates. Volume 14, Issue 2, Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, VISTAS, The Open University of Sri Lanka,


Extended Abstracts
Karunadasa K.L.E (2014),Communication Strategies for Microfinance Operations in Gemidiriya; A case study Based on Hathellegoda GS Division in Rathnapura District .Annual Academic Research Sessions. The Open University of Sri Lanka.


Karunadasa K.L.E1, Liyanahetti D.D2, Fernando G.D.T.D.K3, Challenges and Opportunities faced by Undergraduates using E- learning Facilities in Education – Special reference students in the Communication Stream of OUSL, Sub theme – Geography, GIS, Data Science and ICT, Advances in Social Sciences and the Humanities: challenges and opportunities3rd International Symposium on Social Sciences and Humanities (IRSSSH).National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities & Social Sciences.

Karunadasa K.L.E,Liyanahetti2,D.D ,Fernando T, Transforming from Traditional Learning to Elearn Platforms; Constraints Experienced by Undergraduates of Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), , FGS- Annual Research Sessions-2020,Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka sessions-2020-abstract-book-2/

Karunadasa K.L.E. 2017,Effectiveness of using ICT in Gemidiriya:A study based on Hathellegoda GS division in Rathnapura District, ICH2015,3rd International conference on the Humanities; New dynamics, divergences, directions, Inaugural conference, The faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya, SriLanka.

Karunadasa K.L.E2016,The Impact of Communication on Attitudes of Rural Women in Gemidiriya Microfinance Operations; A Case Study based on Hathallegoda GS Division (Rathnapura GS division), ICH2015, International conference On the Humanities; New Dynamics, Divergences, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. 


Book Chapters
Karunadasa K.L.E,(2022),Sanwardhana Ilakka Sapura Genimedi Sannivedanaye Bhumikawa(Role of Communication in Achieving   Development Goals), Galagedarage, M.,(Eds), Sannivedanaya ha Madya Adyanaya ,(Communication & Media Studies; Theory and Practice), Godage publishers,(pp50-59), ISBN 978-955-30-2022.



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The Open University of Sri Lanka
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