Mrs. B.A.R.Ruwanthika Ariyaratna

Senior Lecturer (Gr.II)

MPhil (Colombo), LL.M (Merit) (Colombo),LL.B (Hons) (Colombo),Attorney-at-Law

Legal Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Website RG GS

Central Campus, 2nd Floor, HSS Building

Office: 112881432, Ext: 2312



MPhil (Colombo), LL.M (Merit) (Colombo),LL.B (Hons) (Colombo),

Attorney- at- Law

Senior Lecturer (Gr.II)

Areas of Specialization:

Information Technology law, Labour Law, Principles of Equity

Research interests:

Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology Law, Labour Law, E-commerce Law, Consumer law


Member – Sri Lanka Bar Association

Exco Member – ICT Lawyer’s Guild Sri Lanka

Attorney-at-Law- Supreme Court of Sri Lanka


Visiting Lecturer, Department of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Management, University of Colombo (Industrial Relations and Labour Law) -2018-2019

Committee Member of the ICT Review Committee- Ministry of Justics – 2022 – Present

Faculty representative to CETMe Board Committee – January 2023-Present

Faculty representative to LMS Steering Committee – June 2023 – Present

Department representative to Faculty Research Committee – 2022- Present

Course Chair – Labour Law and Information and Communication Technology courses- LL.B Degree Programme

Author and content editor – Law of Equity and Trust, Interpretation of Statute, Legal Method and Legal Writing courses LL.B Degree Programme

Content editor -Introduction to Law and Contract Law – BMS Degree Programme

Resource Person – Department of Examination Sri Lanka

Reviewer IOURS 2022 -Open University Research Symposium

Abstract and full paper reviewer – e-journal on “Dawn for informal sector workers” 2022 published by Planning Research and Development Division, Ministry of Labour

Reviewer- VISTAS Journal 2023

Reviewer – HSS Student Research Symposium 2023.

Course Coordination:

LLU 6715- Labour Law

LLU3502 Principles of Equity

  • P.D.H. Karunathilaka Memorial Prize for the best performance of year 3 examination, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo
  • Batch Second Prize for the Attorney-at-Law Final Examination, Sri Lanka Law College
  • First Chass(Hons) Attorney-at-Law Final Examination, Sri Lanka Law College
Ongoing Research:

Intellectual Property Protection for AI related works

ChatGPT, copyright and plagiarism







Research Supervisions:

LLM dissertation supervisor and examiner, Masters of Laws in Criminal Justice Administration Degree Programme, Department of Legal Studies, the Open University of Sri Lanka



Ruwanthika Ariyaratna, Consumer Rights in the Context of Human Rights: A Legal Analysis, KDU Law Journal, Vol 2 Issue 1 , March 2022,

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Ruwanthika Ariyaratna, The impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Environmentally Sound Technology Transfer: An analysis of International Climate Change Legal Framework, South Asian Research Colloquium on Environment and Climate Change Law, 2021

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Ruwanthika Ariyaratna“Protecting Consumer Rights in Electronic Contracts in Sri Lanka: Lessons from European Union and United Kingdom” (Full Paper) 11th International Research Conference, General Sir John Kothalawala Defence University, September 13th -14th 2018, Conference Proceedings

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Ruwanthika Ariyaratna, Contracting in Cyber Space: A Comparative Analysis of Electronic Transaction Law in Sri Lanka. (Abstract and Full Paper) 9th International Research Conference, General Sir John Kothalawala Defence University, 2016, p.280

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Ruwanthika Ariyaratna, “Enforcing the Environmental Protection through the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility: Beyond the Traditional Boundaries of Corporate Law”, (Abstract)  Second International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies 2015, 25-27 February 2015, Colombo Sri Lanka, Conference Proceeding Book

Ruwanthika Ariyaratna, “The Protection on Geographical Indications in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Ceylon Tea”. (Extended Abstract) OUSL Annual Academic Session Proceedings, 2015, The Open University of Sri Lanka

Ruwanthika Ariayaratna, “Balancing Trademark Rights against Right to Health: An Analysis with Reference to the Resent Case of Ceylon Tobacco PLC v. Minister of Health.” (Extended Abstract), Annual Academic Sessions’ Proceedings – 2014, The Open University of Sri Lanka, pp248-251.

Ruwanthika Ariyaratna,“Corporate Social Responsibility : Why It Should Be a Law? ; A Lesson from India.” (Abstract) International conference on Corporate Social Responsibility – 04th -5th November 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Conference Proceeding Book p.23.


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