Mr. K. Ketheeswaran

Lecturer (Probationary)

Special Needs Education
Faculty of Education

CRC, Room No. 11, 2nd Room, Faculty of Education

Office: 112881492, Ext: 492 Mobile: 779966772


Bachelor of Education (Hons)

Area of Specialization:

Special Needs Education

Research Intrests:

Educational Psychology, Inclusive Education, Special Needs Education, Classroom Practices.



Programmes Coordination:

Postgraduate Diploma in Special Needs Education (PGDSNE)

Course Coordination:

ESP2232, ESP2231, ESP2230, ESP2134. ESP2135, ESP2137, ESP2138


Presented a paper at Tavathiru Thaninayagam Adikal’s Memorial Research Conference-2013, University of Jaffna – CHALLENGES OF PRIMARY STUDENTS IN TAMIL READING SKILLS, 2013.

Presented a Paper at the 10th Annual Research Session (Ars) – 2011 at the Eastern University, Sri Lanka(EUSL) ‘AN APPLICATION OF B.F.SKINNER’S REINFORCEMENT THEORY IN CLASSROOM’ Dissertation for B.Ed degree; ‘AN APPLICATION OF B.F.SKINNER’S REINFORCEMENT THEORY IN CLASSROOM’

Published second book titled ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORIES AND TEACHERS’ ISBN: 978-955-54017-1-5, 2013

Published a book titled ‘REINFORCEMENT THEORY’, ISBN: 978-955-54017-0-8, 2012.

Ongoing Research:

Role of parents in the school’s special education activities of special needs children-a study based on Muthur education zone.


Edited the Department journal ‘KALVI’ in 2010 at EUSL. Wrote the following articles for AHAVILI, a Sri Lankan Tamil journal for Education & Teaching… 1. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development’ March and April, 2013. 2. Reinforcement Theory in Class Room’ March, 2012. 3. Maslow’s Needs Theory in Class Room’ April, 2012. 4. McDougal’s Motivation Theory and Teachers’ May, 2012. 5. History of Educational Psychology and Reach Methods – June, 2012. Wrote an article for ‘SVALKALUM SATHANAIKALUM” Journal. Wrote an article ‘Pragmatism and Existentialism in Curriculum Development’ for KIZHAKKOLI, Publication of Eastern University Employees – Union, 2013.

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