Mr. Binara Angammana

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Academic coordinator of the Department of Social Studies at Kurunegala Regional Center

Kurunegala Regional Center, The Open University Regional Center, Malkaduwawa, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Office: 0372223473 (Kurunegala), Ext: Mobile: 718099673




I was born on 1983 in Matale District and I have completed my school studies through three schools. I gained my first degree (Special in Sociology) from the University of Peradeniya and completed my Master of Arts degree from the Same University. Fistly I have assumed duties as a lecturer on contract basis at the department of Social Studies and then I was appointed as a lecturer (Probationar) in Regional Educational Services and I rendered my service as an acting assistant director of the Anuradapura Regional center for about two years. At present I Am working as a Senior Lecturer and Academic coordinator of the Kurunegala regional center attached the department of Social Studies. My teaching is based on Sociology and Anthropology and especially enjoying teaching in mode of ODL. Volunteer Mediator and an advocate in Social development works as well


My researches are mainly focused on Medical Sociology and Medical Anthropology such as Gastro Politics, Food Behaviour and Kinship. Also especially, Interests on teaching and learning in mode of ODL

Areas of Specialization:

Sociology and Anthropology

Research interests:

Kinship Studies

Health studies

Doctor-Patient relationship

Food Behavior

Educational Studies

Rural Sociology

Gender Studies

Mode of ODL

Programme Coordination:

Diploma in Youth Development

Course Coordination:

Health & Society (DSU 5354) , Politics and Social Movements (DSU 4156)

  • Presented a Research Paper on The Food Behaviour of the Semi Urban Village in Sri Lanka, 10th Global Studies Research Symposium, National University of Singapore
  • Presented a Research Paper on Food Behaviour In Kandian Region Which Explicit Through Folklore In Sri Lanka, Research World International Research Symposium, Singapore
  • Base Line Research of HIV control project- Dambulla- SLRC
  • Presented a Research Paper on A Study on Electronic resources on Sri Lankan Stupa- International Research Symposium, The Bhikshu University
  • Presented a Research Paper on A socio- legal perspectives in changes of marriage customs in Sri Lanka, 2nd International Research Symposium, Rajarata University
  • Presented a Research Paper on An Approach to Improve the Skills of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to Access the Resources of Buddhist Electronic Information: a case study based on The Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka , The Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka ,
  • Presented a Research Paper on Food Behaviour as represented in folklore in Sri Lanka, International Research Symposium, University of Kelaniya

Food Behaviour In KandianRegion Which Explicit Through Folklore In Sri Lanka, (2016) (ISBN- 978-93-85973-55-0)

Intra-Household Food Sharing in a Selected Semi Urban Area in Matale District: A Case Study (2018) (Journal of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, 07th volume, University of Kelaniya)

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