Miss A.S.D. Wickramasinghe(On Study Leave)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Faculty of Health Sciences
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Central Campus, Faculty of Health Sciences, The Open University of Sri Lanka

Office: 112881000, Ext: 720

E-mail: aswic@ou.ac.lk

Web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sujeevi-wickramasinghe-6a654882/

Graduated with Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from University of Sri jayewardenepura in year 2015. Working as a Lecturer (Probationary) in OUSL since year 2018. Involved in Pharmacy education (government/ private sector) of  Diploma/ Degree level , since year 2015. More interested in teaching aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Research area of interest is natural product based drug development.

Research interests:

Natural products based drug development



Course Coordination:

FMU3204-Pharmaceutical Microbiology I, FMU4306- Pharmaceutical Microbiology II, FMU5403- Pharmaceutical Technology I, FMU5205 – Pharmaceutical Analysis II, FMU5202 – Laws and Ethics for Pharmacy, FMU3204- Essential Mathematics for Pharmacy, BPU3232-Pharmaceutics III, BPU2223-Pharmaceutical Microbiology, BPU2127-Forensic Pharmacy


Wickramasinghe, A.S.D., Kalpitha, A.A.N., Perera,P.P.R., Chandrika, U.G. (2016) Effect of Traditional Cooking on In Vitro Bioaccessibility and Microstructure of β-Carotene and Starch, in Yellow-Fleshed Manihot esculenta, Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences, 4 (4), 91-97.

Wickramasinghe, A.S.D., Kalpitha, A.A.N., Perera,P.P.R., Chandrika, U.G. (2018) A preliminary study on estimated glycaemic index and microstructure of starch, in boiled Cucurbita moschata (squash) found in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Advanced Research, 6 (5), 506-512

Ongoing Research:
  • Possible drug-drug interactions in prescriptions of discharged patients in a selected teaching hospital- Departmental research project carry out in Department of Pharmacy, OUSL- Acting as a co- investigator.
  • Assessment of undergraduate research knowledge of Allied Health Sciences students in Sri Lankan state universities-Joint research project conduct by members of Department of Pharmacy, Nursing and MLS in OUSL- Acting as a co-investigator.
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