Management Issues volume VII

Management Issues Vol 7

Editor's Note

The role of corporate entrepreneurship in the Development of effectiveness of the Government health sector in Sri Lanka

Munasinghe, M.D.K.G. and Divakara, S.


Impact of online gamification preferences on brand engagement and brand attitudes: a case of millennial customers in the Sri Lankan mobile service industry.
Thashani. E.W.A. Smarasinghe. G.D and Kuruppu.G. N


The impact of leadership style on organizational effectiveness of selected domestic commercial banking institution in Sri Lanka (with special reference to the western province)
Edirisinghe S.S.K and Senanayake S.A.D

Pg. 27-46

The role of transformational leadership on user acceptance and behavioural intention to use Human Capital Management Systems (HCM): a conceptual study.
A. H. U. Perera

Pg. 47-57

Agriculture-led growth in south Asia countries and the effects of macroeconomic variables on economic development.
Patalee B. and Jeong H

Pg. 58-64

Determinants of turnover intention of non-managerial staff: moderated mediation role of social support and work stress.
Kapukotuwa R.W. and Weesekara C. P.

Pg. 65-76

Economic globalization and value-added agriculture: SAARC experience.
Raveesha S.C.K, Nadeena S., Tharushi B., Krishantha W., and Jayathilaka, R

Pg. 77-89

Analysing stream preference factors within the Bachelor of Management Studies degree programme selection.
G.A.J. Silva

Pg. 92-98

The Open University of Sri Lanka
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