Eng. W.A.R. Nandana


Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Lecturer (on study leave)

Central Campus, Ground Floor, Automobile Laboratory

Office: 112881477, Ext: 477 Mobile: 715325903

E-mail: wanan@ou.ac.lk rasikanandana@gmail.com

W.A.Rasika Nandana is graduated from The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) in 2012 with Bachelor of Technology degree in the field of specialization of Mechatronics Engineering. He is awarded the gold medal for the best student in Mechatronics Engineering in B.Tech in 2012. After the graduation, he joined OUSL attached to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He served as a lecturer at the University College-Anuradhapura, University of Vocational Technology from November 2014 to April 2015 and again joined to OUSL May 2015. In 2018, he obtained Masters of Science of Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in the  in the specialization of Electronics and Automation.

Areas of Specialization:


Research interests:

Networked Control Systems, Remote Laboratories, Open Distance Learning, Teleoperation,Machine Vision, Biomedical Engineering


Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka

Associate Member of the Young Scientists Forum Sri Lanka

Programme Coordination:

Short course in modern industrial pneumatics

Course Coordination:

DMX4410- Electrical and Pneumatic machines,MEX4273/DMX4573-Mechatronics Product Design(Project),MEX3272 Applied Electronics, MEX3274 Electronics Sensors and Actuators, MEX4271-Sensors and Actuators, MEX4142-Applied Automotive Electronics, MEX5272-Materials and Manufacturing Technology, MEX6270-Factory Automation


S.M. Abeygunasekera de Silva Gold Medal for the Best Student in Mechatronics  Engineering in Bachelor of Technology (Engineering). Convocation-2012,The Open University of Sri Lanka.

One of the six finalists (for one gold medal and two silver medals) of the best practice awards. AAOU 2015 conference, Malaysia.

One of the six finalists of the best practice awards. AAOU 2014 conference, Hong Kong.

Disrupt Unlimited Startup program,2013. Allocate 5 million seed funding.

AAOU 2012, Japan, selected for Commonwealth of Learning grant (500 Canadian dollars).


“Online Remote Laboratory for Open Distance Learning” First International Conference on Open and Distance e-Learning (2012), 22-24 February 2012,Manila,Philippines.

“Expanding the Frontiers of Engineering Education in Open and Distance Learning by an Online Laboratory Platform”, 28th Annual Conference Asian Association of Open Universities(2012),28–31 October 2014,Hong Kong.

“Expanding the Frontiers of Engineering Education in Open and Distance Learning by an Online Laboratory Platform.” AAOU JOURNAL, Vol10, No 1. 65.-76.

“Integrated laboratory experiment setup to empower the engineering education in distance mode”, Asian Association of Open Universities Journal, Vol. 11 Iss: 1, pp.13 – 23


Haptic teleoperated steering system for unmanned ground vehicles,IRSUWU2018, 2nd International Research Symposium, February 2018, Badulla, Sri Lanka.

A controller for assistive devices using eye movement and electroencephalography,IRSUWU2018, 2nd International Research Symposium, February 2018, Badulla, Sri Lanka.

Belt loop preparing mechanism of a belt loop attaching machine,7th YSF Symposium January 2018, Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka.

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Ongoing Research:

Networked Control Systems

Research Supervisions:

Mechatronics Engineering undergraduate projects-2018

  1. Intelligent external vision based guidence for robot trajectory planning
  2. Hole cutting maching for Hydroponic grow bags
  3. Automated nursery grow bag maker
  4. Modification for railway spring test press
  5. Development of FPGA based tele- operation of steering system for UGV
  6. An effective charging system for working AGV
  7. Implement a controller for a engine dynamometer
  8. Design and implementation of portable cardiac monitory system

Mechatronics Engineering undergraduate projects-2017/18

  1. Haptic teleoperation of steering system for UGV
  2. Autonomous landing and charging the survillance quard-copter
  3. Automated ventilation system for parked car
  4. Automated ceiling fan stator winding machine

Mechatronics Engineering undergraduate projects-2016/17

  1. Robotic bed with wheel chair
  2. Automated loop attaching machine
  3. Semi-automated loop cutting machine for medium scale garment industries
  4. A common controller for assistive devices using eye movement and electroencephalography (EEG)
  5. Self-righting robot in sudden free falling 
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