Dr. G.D.Illeperuma

Dr. G.D.Illeperuma

Dr. G.D.Illeperuma

Ph.D. (Colombo), B.I.T. , B.Sc (comp.phy.Sp). , M.I.P. (SL)
Department of Physics
3rd floor, Science and Technology building, Room No : W5

Tel : (+94)11-2881242 (242)

E-Mail : gdill@ou.ac.lk


Where I came from…

I got my primary education at K/Kamburugoda Vidyalaya and secondary education at Royal College Colombo.
I was an undergraduate at the university of colombo and specialized in computaional physics.
I also completed the Bachelor of Information Technology from UCSC.
I’ve completed my Ph.D. in the field of robotics and computer vision

My academic interststs….

I like to teach others. Its my second nature. I also like to invent new things and currently have several patents.
I believe in cross deciplinary research. Most of my researches are not limited to physics. They vary from studying animal behaviours to predicting share market.
My favourite subjects include, physics, computer science, biology and philosophy.

Personnal Life…

I like to live a simple life style.


You can find latest updates on my researches from this research gate link.

Programme Co-ordination


Course Co-ordination

PYU 4164: Advance Electrionics

PYU 2165: Mathematical mehtods for physics

PYU 2262: Electronics

B.Sc. Resarch Projects

PYF 2204 : Foundation course in science

  Area of Specialization     Electronics, Computer Vision, ANN, embedded systems

  Research Interests     Artificial Intelligence, Biomimicry, Electronics, Cross disciplinary research

Research Publications

Publications / Conferences


  • Patent “Using polaroid plated camera flashers and lense system to avoid unwanted illuminations in photographs ands videos’ ( LK/P/1/15122 )
  • Patent Pending “Portable electronic device for sensory substitution to aid visually impaired people” (LK\P\1\16801)
  • Patent Pending “Electronic circuit for true random number generation”

Ongoing Research

  • Automated quad copter robot navigation based on computer vision
  • Applications of chaotic behaviour on random number generation
  • Massieve ANN based on CUDA

Research Supervision




Student Name

Research Title

M.Sc. In Applied Electronics UOC 2014 C.C.V. Pathirana Development of a curve tracer for a diode/ transistor
M.Sc. In Applied Electronics UOC 2014 Duleeka Munasinghe Design a wireless transmitter and receiver for transmitting analogue data
M.Sc. In Applied Electronics UOC 2015 HSL Perera A Gripper based on jamming transition of particles
M.Sc. In Applied Electronics UOC 2015 H.T.M.D Leelananda Microcontroller based heart beat monitor
B.Sc. Computational Physics Sp. UOC 2015 Sameera Sandaruwan Optical flow based collision warning system
B.Sc. OUSL 2015 K.C. Nilmini Electronic stethescope
B.Sc. OUSL 2015 M. Chamithara Nuwan Acoustic touch screen
B.Sc. OUSL 2015 Chatra bulathsinghala Computerised particle tracking system


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