Dr. Dinali E Devendra

Senior Lecturer (G I)

Language Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

CRC, 1st floor, HSS Building

Office: 2881056, Ext: 556 Mobile: NULL

E-mail: dedev@ou.ac.lk NULL

I have a special interest in teaching adults in Distance Education contexts and I see the DE mode as a means of empowering students – specially those who are interested in lifelong learning.

Areas of Specialization:

Teaching literature in second language contexts

Research interests:

Teaching literature in ESL contexts, ESL reading, issues in DE


SLELTA – Sri Lanka English Language Teachers Association, Member UGC Standing Committee on the Teaching of English

Programme Coordination:


Course Coordination:



AIDAB Australian Government Award – University of Sydney. Asian Development Bank (DEMP Project) Scholarship for Doctoral Studies – 2005


Exploring Knowledge and Beliefs of Teachers of English Literature in Sri Lanka – Paper presented at Asian Conference of Education, Osaka, Japan 2012 Efficacy of the English for General Academic Purposes (EGAP) course at OUSL – Student Perceptions – Paper presented at OUSL Annual Academic Sessions, 2012, (with R. De Silva and I. Bogamuwa) Raheem, R. & Devendra, D. (2007), “Changing times, changing attitudes: History of English education in Sri Lanka” in English education in Asia: History and policies, eds Y.H Choi and B. Spolsky, Asia TEFL, pp. 181-203. Devendra, D & Medawattegedara, V. (2004) Teaching Literature in non native contexts: Some issues related to interpretation. Paper presented at the 3rd International SLELTA Conference, Colombo. Medawattegedara, V. & Devendra D.( 2002) ? Which English to teach ? A study of teacher?s attitudes towards Sri Lankan English ? Paper published in the conference proceedings of the 2nd International SLELTA conference Devendra, D. & Medawattegedara V. ( 2002) ?Students? perception & reaction to feedback on CA assignments? Paper presented at the 2nd Annual Academic sessions of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Devendra, D. ( 2001) ?Text difficulty & its effect on the comprehension of Referential ties? Paper published in VISTAS, Vol 1, Journal of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, OUSL

Ongoing Research:

Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Literature Instruction, Factors affecting Non-Completion in Open and Distance Learning.

Research Supervisions:

ESL Reading, Ability grouping and Language teaching, Use of Articles among ESL undergraduates.



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