Dr. B. M. P. Mendis

Senior Lecturer (G I)

Social Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Former Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, The Open University of Sri Lanka

Colombo Regional Center, 1st Floor, Department of Social Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Building No 14)

Office: (+94)0112881033, Ext: 533

Email: mahimmendis@gmail.com mahimmendis@gmail.com

Dr. Mendis is a Specialist in Organizational Development and Governance trained in Sri Lanka, England, Singapore and USA. He has a BA Degree with Mass Communication and English from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, an MA in Organizational Behavior, from the university of Lancaster, UK, and M.Phil Degree in Communication Studies from the University of Leicester, UK and a Ph.D in organizational Sociology from the National University of Singapore. He has also obtained post doctoral training as a US state department scholar, twice over at the University of Northern Illinois, USA and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, USA. Mahim is the former the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Open University of Sri Lanka and counts 24 years of professional experience in University teaching and administration. He is also a Visiting Lecturer in Organizational Behavior for the University of Westminster, UK, with degrees administered through Informatics Institute of Technology and Lecturer in Global Politics for the University of Northwood Programme administered through the American National College. He also lectures for the MBA programmes administered by Sri Lanka’s Postgraduate Institute of Management, in Dubai and Qatar, University of Colombo, Eastern University, and Sir John Kotalawala Defense University of Sri Lanka. Mahim is an experienced trainer in Organizational Development, specializing in the broad areas of Organizational Communication and Leadership, professionalism and professional ethics, Corporate Good Governance and Political Education.

Area of Specification:

Media and Communication Studies

Research Intrests:

Media Studies, Development Studies


Dean –  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Open University of Sri Lanka (2010-2013)- (Largest National University Faculty in Social Sciences, comprising four departments, namely, Law, Management, Social Studies and Language Studies with a learner population of approximately 14000)

President- Open University Teachers Association – 2010- 2012

Media Spokesman – Federation of University Teachers’ Association (2010- 2013) with a membership of approximately 4000 academics in fifteen National Universities

Head of the multi-disciplinary Department of Social Studies of the Open University of Sri Lanka since 2002, and reappointed by the University Council to this position in 2005 until 2008)

Chairman, Humanities and Social Science Faculty Sub Committee on ‘Professional Norms for Teachers’ and Member of the Senate Sub-Committee on Norms (2003).

Instrumental in pioneering a multi-disciplinary BA in Social Sciences Degree Program in the English Medium with Economics, Sociology and Mass Communication as disciplines through the Distance Mode (ODL)I was the Program Coordinator and Convener for this academic venture (1991- 1993).

Instrumental in pioneering the MA Degree Programme in Development and Policy Studies in collaboration with Marga Institute in 2006 for the benefit of policy development institutions such as Ministries and local and international development agencies operating in the country.

Course adviser of the Certificate Programme in Good Governance and Local Leadership developed by the University of Northern Illinois, DeKalb, USA, administered in collaboration with the Open University of Sri Lanka, the Institute of Local Governance of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (2004)

Senior Programme Coordinator and Mentor of the Commonwealth Youth in Development Work Programme (Sri Lanka Chapter) – A Diploma Programme administered by the Open University of Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat, London (from 2003 – 2010).




USAID National Consultant for Strengthening Democratic Governance and Accountability Project (SDGAP) since March 2016

Appointed Member of the Academic Affairs Board of the National Institute of Education by the Cabinet Minister of Education (From July 2015)

Appointed Member of the Board of Directors of the Urban Settlement Development Authority by the Cabinet Minister of Housing and Construction (From March 2015)

Council Member –  National Council for Child and Youth Welfare- (2017 onwards)

Advisory Board Member – Peoples Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) 2010 onwards

Member of the Curriculum Development Committee of the Colombo Political School funded by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung of the Federal Republic of Germany in Colombo (2007 onwards)

Member of the Governing Council of the National Peace Council, one of the oldest Civil Society Organizations in Peace and Trust building (since 2009)

  Member of the Board of Governors of Bishops College, Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka (2003) and Chairman- Educational Sub Committee of the Parent Teacher Association of Bishops College

Programmes Coordination:

MA in Development Studies and Public Polciy

Course Coordination:

DSU3522 Communication and Media Ethics



As National Media Spokesman of the Federation of University Teachers from 2010- 2013 I provided leadership for the national communication campaign to pressurize the government to fulfill professional demands of the academics on UNESCO Benchmarks on Education and on restructuring of academic professional wages.

Founder of the Rainbow Institute of Communication and English to empower Sri Lankans with democratic values, professionalism in communication and English Language competencies



Perceptions of Sri Lankan Parliamentarians on the prevailing culture of Legislative affairs: A Study commissioned by Strengthening Good Governance and Accountability Project of USAID- (2016)

Chief Editor of the Research Publication titled, “Emeritus Professor Upali Vidanapathirana: Pioneer in Social Science Education through Open and Distance Learning in Sri Lanka (2018)

Author – Communication Training Manual on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wild Life of the Republic of Sri Lanka. Publication Commissioned by the USAID- (2018)

Author – Communication Training Manual for Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Women and Gender. Publication Commissioned by the USAID- (2018)

Author of Training Manual for Senior Officials of the Bribery and Corruption Commission of Sri Lanka. Publication Commissioned by the USAID- (2017)

Course Chairperson and Joint Author of ‘Introduction to Communication Theory and Practice’, published by the Open University of Sri Lanka Press (2015)

Course Chair and Joint Author of ‘Media and Democracy’, published by the Open University of Sri Lanka Press, (2015)

Socio-Legal Perspectives of Mass Communication, published by the Open University Press (First published in 2004)

Course Chairperson and Joint Author of ‘Communication and Media Ethics’, published by the Open University of Sri Lanka (2014)

Reforming the National Education System- A Policy Paper – 2015, submitted to the Manifesto Development Committee headed by the Deputy Leader of the ruling United National Party of Sri Lanka

“Reforming Sri Lanka: Democracy in Crisis”, Published by Nepali Journal of Contemporary Studies, Vol. XIII, No. 1, March 2013

“Media Portrayal of Politically Contentious Issues relating to the Cease Fire Agreement signed by the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE in Sri Lankan Peace Process of 2002” published by South Asian Peace Institute, (2009)

“Protection of Human Rights of all People: The Need to Revisit the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, Key note speech at the International Diaspora Conference on Human Rights in Sri Lanka held in Trivandrum, India, (2009)

Enlightened Public Opinion in the Context of Good Governance, in ‘Professional Manager’, published by the Postgraduate Institute of Management, Sri Lanka (2009)

The Press and the Politics of Conformity and Dissent, Unpublished Doctoral Thesis, Department of Sociology: National University of Singapore (2012)

“Professional Journalism in Disaster Communication”, an article published in Guide Lines for Disaster Communication, published by the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka (2005)

A sociological study on Participative Inmate Management, MA Thesis, Dept of Organizational Behaviour: University of Lancaster (1990).

Constraints to Professionalism in the Work of Sri Lankan Newspaper Journalists, M.Phil. Thesis: Centre for Mass Communication Research, University of Leicester (1996).

Member of the Editorial Board of OUSL JOURNAL, the Bi-annual research Journal of the Open University of Sri Lanka (2016)

Member of the VISTAS Refereed Journal Editorial Committee of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (2010)

Research Supervisions:


Marking Examiner for MBA and Ph.D Programmes in Business Administration of the Open University of Malaysia (2013 onwards)

Doctoral Degree Supervisor for the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Kelaniya (2015 onwards)

Research Supervisor for University of Colombo and University of Mahidol Masters Degree Programme in Human Rights and Democratization (2018)

Visiting Lecturer in Global Politics and Sociology for the Northwood University and Patten University, USA administered by the American National College, Sri Lanka (2011 onwards)

Course Adviser for the Certificate Programme in Good Governance and Local Leadership administered by the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration of the Ministry of Public Administration (2004-2006).

Visiting Academic in Organizational Analysis and Behaviour at Postgraduate Institute of Management,  Qatar and Dubai (2010)

Visiting Lecturer in Organizational Communication for the B.Sc Degree in Information Technology and Business of the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, and the University of Westminster, UK, administered by Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT)  2005 Onwards

Tutor in Organizational Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the National University of Singapore (1999-2002).

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