Functions of CQA

Functions of the Centre for Quality Assurance

  • Coordination of all Quality Assurance related activities within the University.
  • Liaising with the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) of the UGC and other External Quality Assurance agencies
  • Implementation of Quality Assurance reviews / Audits and follow up action
  • Advice on Quality Assurance to all Faculties, academic departments and administrative divisions
  • Monitoring and guidance in Faculty level Quality Assurance activities
  • Monitoring of the Strategic Management plan of the OUSL
  • Reviewing staff performance and identifying training needs for different categories of staff at OUSL
  • Facilitation of identification and sharing of good practices between Academic Departments
  • Preparation of Quality Assurance related guidelines and manuals for use within the OUSL
  • Conduct with the support of Staff Development Centre of the OUSL, Faculty level and administrative level Quality Assurance related awareness programmes for all staff
  • Establishment of Faculty and administration level Quality Assurance cells and defining their duties and responsibilities
  • Formulating and conducting self-evaluation of the staff and entities of the University
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