Enrolment Bursary

Open University Enrollment Bursary-Proposed Selection Criteria
(Effective from Academic Year 2015/16)

Open University Enrolment Bursary, hereinafter referred as Enrollment Bursary, is awarded by the Open University of Sri Lanka in the first year of enrolment essentially for economically disadvantaged students. Enrollment Bursary is awarded to the value of 50% of the tuition fees of courses for which the student registers for during his/her first year of registration with the University. A student shall not be awarded the Enrollment Bursary in any subsequent years of registration. The award of the bursary will be considered during the time the second installment of the tuition fee is payable.

However, a recipient of the Enrollment Bursary may be awarded the University Bursary or Mahapola Scholarship in two subsequent academic years, at different Levels of the programme. Nevertheless, a student who has been awarded a Mahapola Scholarship can be considered for a University Bursary only in another year. That is, a student shall not hold both the awards simultaneously.

Students shall be selected for the Enrolment Bursary based on an application made by them on the basis of Need and active engagement in studies.

Eligibility Criteria for the Award of Open University Enrollment Bursary

  • a. Student should be registered for a programme of study of a minimum duration of two years starting at Level 3. However, those registered in programmes leading from one to another in a different level (e.g. Certificate, Advanced Certificate to Diploma/Degree) may also be considered for selection.
  • b. The annual gross family income of the student shall be less than Rs 500,000/= [Student shall submit a sworn statement with adequate proof that his/her annual gross family income is less than Rs. 500,000/=]
  • c. The student should have participated in the continuous assessment and other compulsory academic activities of the courses s/he has enrolled in until the date of the evaluation of the award.
  • d. No disciplinary action should have been taken against the student.

The university from time to time may make necessary amendments to the criteria while abiding by the guidelines proposed in this document.

Open University Enrollment Bursaries will be awarded annually.

Incomplete and illegible application will be rejected without enquiry

Students are requested to hand over/post the application to the Student Affairs & Welfare Division with two weeks from the date of registration to the course.

Return address: –

Senior Assistant Registrar,
Student Affairs & Welfare Division,
The Open University of Sri Lanka,
PO Box 21, Nawala,

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