Overseas student visits

Distinguished Lectures

An Initiative by the IRU which is designed to foster rich academic discourse among Sri Lankan and International academics

1st Series

  1. Lecture 1: Som Naidu
  2. Lecture 2: Lani Gunawardena
  3. Lecture 3: Kazu yamaji
  4. Lecture 4: Dr. Godson
  5. Lecture 5: Rohan Samarajeewa
  6. Lecture 6: Kathryn Barker


2nd Series

  1. Lecture 1: Academics from UNM
  2. Lecture 2: Prof. Wamadeva Balachandran


3rd Series

  1. Lecture 1: Dr. Emertia Magaret Allen
  2. Lecture 2: Prof. Ormaond Simpson
  3. Lecture 3: Prof. Brian Hass
  4. Lecture 4: Prof. Sirinivasa Ragahvan


4th Series

  1. Lecture 1: Dr. Janaki Lelwalla Guruge
  2. Lecture 2: Prof. Mokaddem Hossain
  3. Lecture 3: Prof. Jeanne Maracek
  4. Lecture 4: Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani


5th Series

  1. Lecture 1: Prof. Priyan Mendis
  2. Lecture 2: Prof. Bart Rienties
  3. Lecture 3: Dr. Aminudin Zuhairi
  4. Lecture 4: Dr. Jeetendra Pande


6th Series

  1. Lecture 1: Dr. Muhammad Yar
  2. Lecture 2: Dr. Wim Lauwaert


  • International Conference & Workshops

OUSL is a member of the Asian Association of Open Universities and in 2020 and we will host the 34th Annual Conference of Asian Association of Open Universities in 2021.

  • Foreign Trainings
    • The University is striving to create an outstanding and distinctive intellectual, social and physical environment where in research, scholarship and learning in all students and staff reach their potential. Foreign trainings are often integrated into the capacity building programmes of the staff and students.
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